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7.5mm F2.0 and T2.1 Cine Laowa lenses for MFT cameras
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  • Silver version coming


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  • Silver version coming

    Does that mean the silver version will be released before the black version? Do you have an estimated release date? Their website used to say July, now it says end of July/early August. Some of the early footage I've seen on Youtube looks great!

  • @kin869 lol. I am waiting for black. Mind you - silver may reflect more heat than black...

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  • I have been really interested in this lens but a little confused about the standard and lightweight versions. So I asked the manufacturer based on the intent to mostly use hand held (potential Drone usage later) and wanting the most durable product. I got this response below. Considering the answer and small premium I would have only made the light weight version IMO.

    The main difference of the 7.5mm lens Standard vs Lightweight is the weight. Lightweight version is a bit lighter than standard version. The savings in weight is mainly for the drone usage.

    For the durability, both of the standard and the lightweight version have similar durability as both of them are made of metal.

    In your case, we suggest you to use the lightweight version.


  • Review


    F4 to F8 was sweet spot of the Laowa 7.5mm F2 lens. Image detail in the center is pin sharp and corner detail at these settings is quite sharp too. Image sharpness across the entire frame is where the Laowa lens shines. As expected, outside the sweet spot of the lens, detail across the entire image loses a bit of its contrast and clarity, especially at F2 and not quite so bad at F2. You can still happily use the widest F2 aperture setting.

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  • Lightweight Version

    Lens weight was reduced by about 25 g while maintaining the image quality, and it became about 145 g.

    Lens will have special red ring.



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  • Nice that it will balance on the X5/X5R!

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  • Comparison to the Rokinon Fisheye 7.5mm.

    I wouldn't mind owning the Laowa 7.5mm f/2 and might eventually get it one day unless a company decides to release a similar and cheaper lens but that might not happen for a while.

  • Finally decided to get it and did some scenes at the 4th of July event in Boston using different settings and to see if theirs any defects in the lens. It can also be a pain shooting with a lot of people around you. I'm not trying to win any academy awards with this video either. Just having some fun. I actually paid $350 since I got it used off B&H. I took a gamble doing that. I'll going to the Azores and Portugal real soon and would like to shoot the scenery with it. Most of the shots are from the lens although a few are from my Panasonic Leica 12-60mm lens.

    I'm not entirely sure I want to keep it yet but Ill still take it with me overseas.

    What pissed me off is that since I shot it in 4K 60p, it's harder for Google to take the audio off in just portions of the video that has copyrighted sound. It failed the first time and I'm trying for a second time.

  • I got one a month ago, and did some 4K video shooting in a nearby park. I like this lens a lot. There's some visible stretching along the sides, and if you pan it'll definitely show up, but the image quality is truly excellent.

    Only a few problems. The biggest is that, when you install the lens, it's hard to find a place to grab to twist it into the lens mount lock: you wind up turning it with the lens hood, or the focus ring. Second is that the aperture ring is a bit difficult to turn, as it's kind of small. But it's one of my favorite lenses right now.

  • I shooted this with Laowa 7.5mm + GH5.

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  • I'm back from my trip and did shot a lot of videos with the lens. Here's one of them that has a lot of shots from Portugal. Most of the shots are with the Venus Laowa 7.5mm f/2 while some of the shots were taken with the Panasonic 100-300mm ii lens. Wanted to see if I can get away with using just those 2 lenses and not use my Leica 12-60mm lens.