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Gh2 update with Hack
  • Hello everyone I would like to ask a question, I have a gh2 with flow motion V2 installed and a lens lumix 14/140. My gh2 with the 14/140 I bought it in 2012 and since then I have never done an update neither for the gh2 nor for my goal, so I think now I should make the updates, even if late seen the exit now of the GH5. but I'm still fond of my old gh2 for now. I would like to know how it is done and above all I can do the updates in the normal way as described on the web or being my gh2 with hack I have to use another method? thank you

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  • What kind of updates?

  • @Jessy

    Hacks work with latest firmware for GH2.

    Lens firmware has nothing to do with it, can install any.

    Also, please use official Panasonic site for dowloads - ones you linked looks not good.

  • thank you very much for your information, I was very helpful, sorry if I posted a non-panasonic link for updates I did not know, I will look for the original link of the panasonic firmware download. thanks again for your help This link below is a video made with my gh2 + flow mitoin v2 and I would be very honored if you looked at it, thanks again

  • I put yesterday the link to my youtube video on this forum, and today I went to see finding a few hands on and only one hand down then negative, surely the votes were given after I posted the link on this forum, because before not there was no hand and no vote, so in addition to not understand why the hand down was put praying to him who put the negative evaluation to write the why, so who can know where I was wrong. thank you all.

  • Now, I'm tempted to vote negative myself too... Just kidding. Its a test, don't wait further evaluations unless they appear young models in your video.

  • you're right friend, I accept the little hands down if I deserve it without arguing, but at least write why? where did I go wrong? What do not like the one who put a little hand down? only this I want to know without getting angry, I know I'm not James Cameron ha ha ha ha ha but a lot less, but the lost series. always a reason to the negative comments, thanks for your intervention I myself in some videos of other youtube users had put a few hands down but always motivating writing a comment on what I did not like. Hello

  • problem solved, thank you very much to those 3 who had put my hand down, now they have removed, Thanks again

  • If only someone could hack the gh2 the way magic lantern hacked the eos m (now its shooting 2.5k raw video). That would be amazing...

  • There's nothing stopping you from starting the lengthy painful process. :)

  • Unfortunately i have no clue how could i do it. But i'm enjoying my eos m... and still wishing some cheap camera will be able to record raw video. One can dream... it's free.

  • The black magic pocket cinema camera is already pretty cheap, has a micro 4/3 mount, and can record raw without a hack (and it can record prores for the vast majority of the time when you don't really need raw).

  • WHY is it impossible to find or download ANY GH2 hacked firmware ?

  • My problem is this, I have a gh2 with flow motion v2, I bought it in 2102 and I've never done an update, can I continue like this or should I upgrade? thank you

  • @ Jessy 2102? What's it like in the future? I need the winning number for the next lotto draw, wink wink, let's 60-40 :), haha, can't resist.

  • you're right, I'm sorry, I meant 2012. so do you think i should update?

  • What a damn awesome camera the GH2 is, I'm very impressed it is still being used in 2102!

  • do you think I should send the gh2 into retirement and replace it with the gh5?

  • Depends on what you need it for. Hard for anyone to know what your concerns are. If it makes good images and suits your needs, keep it.

  • thank you

  • @Jessy if you can't figure out if the GH5 is worth it, but you want to "upgrade" from the GH2, then instead I highly recommend a middle ground choice which is a bigger bang for your buck: Panasonic G85/G80

  • panasonic GH80? is ok??

  • The GH4 is also a good value upgrade. I'm very happy with mine. I won't be upgrading again for a while.