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Samsung NX1 repairs?
  • Has anyone here ever sent in their NX1 for repairs? Does Samsung still fix these things or am I SOL? My NX1 has been acting glitchy, maybe just needs a good internal cleaning (I hope that's all it is!). If anyone knows a good place for servicing in North America, please share. Thanks!

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  • @htinla

    Call to your local Samsung service. If they don't work will need to also search for good local service, usually it is people who define service level.

  • If you want to repair your NX1, call 1-310-669-4334 and speak to a Samsung agent. I had success calling this number in the spring of 2017 when I required service for my NX1. Please report back here & follow up.

  • Thanks for the great advice and leads...I'll definitely follow-up.