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NAB 2018: Fotodiox Curved LED Lights
  • If you want more details about small ones, including measurements (manufacturer use same led chips in large ones also!) check

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  • What would be cool is if it were able to bend/curve the other way to focus the light, and if you wanted even more control offer the ability to add barn doors.

    If you want a wide light, remote phosphor (Cineo, BBS Lighting, Arri SkyPanel) will give you 160 degrees from a flat panel (vs 120 degrees for these curved LED panels), but they are relatively expense. These also look like they have a diffusion build into the design so for specific applications this could be cool.

    Remote phosphor is also pre-diffused so to speak as there is space between the blue led light source and the phosphor panel, but remote phosphor is still relatively hard looking compared to a diffused light source and can benefit from diffusion depending on the applications.

  • @majoraxis

    You can't talk about "angle" really. You need to talk about light beam or light falloff. You can see our Godox interview on how it looks for fresnels.

    If you look on smaller lights interview ( with manufacturer representative as Lishuai is making them all) she states 120-140 degrees.

    And forget about remote phosphor lights in affordable segment.