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Post your questions to Panasonic m43 engineers
  • You can post in this topic questions and we'll ask best of them during CP++ Interview.

    Note - do not post any questions about any specific future plans or future cameras, as it is waste of time.

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  • Is 48 frames per second still planned for the gh5 and gh5s cameras?

    I only ask because it was on the docket for implementation during the summer 2017 update.

  • Any plans to Publish / ensble usb controls for aperture/ shutter etc. So devices like promote that work with the gh4 can work with the GH5 enable focus control via usb while there even if it’s just letting the existing rack focus be controlled remotely.

  • At the risk of GH cannibalization, is there any chance of GH5 / GH5s specifications ever appearing in an M43 video camera form factor (a la AF100)? With so much m43 glass out there, I would think it would be a popular offering for pros and prosumers.

    1. Any plans to fix One Touch AE so that it works in Creative Video when SS/Gain Operation is set to ANGLE or dB
    2. Any plans to fix Tether App so that it can adjust SS (ANGLE) or ISO (dB) during capture of video when SS/Gain Operation is set to ANGLE or dB
    3. Any plans to fix/Improve AF+MF so that you can manually focus whenever AF is locked (AFL=On) or AF is disengaged (AF-ON=Off), even if AF is set to AFF or AFC.
  • Any plans to for an "untouched" picture profile? One that will completely disable NR, Sharpening, and any additional processing. Would be very helpful to those using the camera for VFX and Chroma keying purposes... or anyone wishing to manually deal with noise in post-production to maintain natural-image fidelity.

  • Will future firmware updates increase the differences between the GH5 and GH5s? I can understand why one has IBIS and the other has better low-light performance. But, as you guys continue to improve these cameras, will there be other features that one camera gets and the other doesn't? Or will they develop in different, separate directions?

  • Q1: Given the state of camera manufacturing industry and the panasnic’s ongoing practice of canibalization of potentialy almost perfect products, where do you intend to find your next employment once the GH line collapses and when panasonic pull itself out from low end camera market consequently laying off all the work force in these departments in the next few years?

    Q2: As a somewhat of an insiders to the industry, what other brand do you suggest we, the current users of GH camera line, should start look into investing and supporting once we drop down our interest and investment in panasonic?


  • @Brig

    Nice questions. I'll save them for our last interview with Panasonic, right before suicide, ok?

  • Could you please stop making the strap lugs like that? Everyone hates them.

  • @DrDave

    How about reformulate question in gentle matter?

  • Q1: GH5 was already intended/designed to be an "8K" HDR anamorphic capable camera with the latest firmware according to Mat Frazer of Panasonic last year...

    Go to 9:27 of the following video:

    His reasoning for not originally implementing this mode in firmware was due to YouTube not supporting 8K HDR prior to release. That time has come and gone, now with VLC also supporting 8K.

    Now that 8K HDR and HDMI 2.1finalization is no longer an issue, is Panasonic waiting for VR camera/action cam makers and Cell Phone manufacturers to debut more 8K camera releases before proper implementation into GH or consumer Camcorder lineup?

    Q2: Why has the LX100 successor been delayed so long?

    Q3. Will the current Lumix lens lineup be suitable for 8K acquisition, or require new lenses for 8K on m43?

    Q4. Anamorphic on m43 Panasonic lenses... why taking so long to bring to market, or permanently abandoned since the LA7200?

  • OK, forget the strap lugs, you can always cut them off.
    In all seriousness, my personal, number one question is whether we will see the multi-aspect sensor on all future cameras. This was really one of the great strengths of the earlier cameras, allowing for some real wide-angle video and photos.
    My next question is: given that Panasonic has made steady--and much appreciated--progress in color science, many of us still feel that for video, there are still some difficult color spikes in the images. Blue skies often have a bit of magenta, and in Log, we often see a yellow cast in the highlights. My question is, and it isn't meant to be overly critical but is important nonetheless, when is Panasonic going to be reall serious about color science in the full range of the camera lineup?
    Lastly, I would like to see speed boosters made by Panasonic, along with some high grade teleconverters, ideally with some sort of switchable IS. Panasonic makes great glass, so why not add really high grade, full function speed boosters and teleconverters to the lineup? Especially teleconverters, which could work with Panasonic lenses of all focal lengths.

  • Can and will DCI Cinema 4k 60fps be added to the Original GH5?

  • Are there plans to release a successor to the G85 soon?

  • @Ezzelin

    No one answer to such questions, period.

  • Please add RAW recording at 60P for the GH5. It's OK if it's a sensor crop like ETC mode. The size of the image in pixels should be whatever the camera's processor can handle.

  • What I like most in the latest Panasonic cameras is the ability of easily extracting good pictures from a video (eg. 6K photo mode..): as a photographer/videographer I was dreaming of such a feature (at a reasonable price) since few years ago. Will Panasonic continue to develop the concept that a "media producer" can simply shoot a media and then decide to transform it into a video or pictures? Next step could be a 6K RAW photo/video mode.

  • Can I hear some more lobbying for MAR in more series? Apart from above I'd like to see - since raw is not an option (Uematsu San said that loud 'n clear GH is still considered for consumers ) - an ETR lightmeter. Maybe hidden deep in menus (hint: Olympus cameras). Just push histogram riiight by default.

    As Vit and others said: give us texture mode a 'la GH1/2. An option that turns off on sensor NR. More dots high refresh EVF is more than welcomed too.

  • Quote: (Uematsu San said that loud 'n clear GH is still considered for consumers )

    So what? Keep telling them loud and clear we want RAW! Tell them to make it a paid upgrade. They will money on cameras that are already sold. It's simply good business.

  • I would have one question: GH5s I'm in manual video mode, want to have auto ISO and at the same time AF lock so I can lock/unlock the ISO with one touch. I do this in P mode but it messes up with the shutter speed so it's not fully usable in my opinion. May be also a different option to achieve what I described above e.g. a P mode with the shutter angle activated. AutoISO lock/unlock itself would be very usefull for both video and phote, I have it in Nikon and miss it in GH5s. Would be great if you could ask if that is possible or ask them to make a note for firmware upgrade. Thanks!

  • Would you ask them if they have considered adding higher frame rate video to the non GH cameras and if there is any real hard limitation or if it's just line differentiation. I really wish the G85 could have gotten anything higher than 60fps, even if I had to drop down to 720p for higher speed modes (96-120fps) I would use it for select shots. The FZ1000 and FZ2500 have both had higher frame rate modes on them and it seems odd that they would not have been included in the G7/G85. Even the LX10 has 120fps on it.

  • Or Vlog for G85?, like old GX80 are able to make cine-d and cine-v with a simple hack-workaround.

  • All questions collected and will be asked during interview.

  • Sorry, my question wasn't stated correctly. They probably still won't answer it, but what I really meant is ask is if they still plan on having a successor to the G85 (smaller body, low price), or is the G9 the future of the G line.

  • @Ezzelin

    They never answer to any plans/future cameras questions.