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Sony RX0 crashproof camera for drones and similar tasks
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  • It's almost cute how much Sony is trying to get vloggers to suggest the RX0.


  • Firmware v2.00

    • Supports Camera Control Box (model CCB-WD1) for wired multi-view shooting
    • Improves wireless multi-view shooting with the PlayMemories™ Mobile application
      • PlayMemories Mobile application version 6.2 or higher is required.
      • Depending on the specifications of the access point, smartphone, tablet, and the radio wave environment of the installation location, the number of devices that can be connected will change. Based on testing, up to 50 units have been connected.
      • Use only on Wi-Fi connections with security measures.

  • Camera Control Box CCB-WD1 for RX0 - our interview

  • Review


    The larger sensor and sharp 24mm f/4 lens give superior image quality for still images. No other action camera comes close. This quality is complimented by some neat shooting modes, like the 16fps burst mode. Then there is the tough build quality with no need for housing, plus connectivity options including to an external mic.

    800 x 514 - 86K
  • I have a ribcage for one of my Yi 4K+ cameras - they make good products. I'm not sure that adding a lens mount to the RX0 makes it interesting, though. It's still hamstrung in a lot of ways (no internal 4k for one)

  • In 1080 the image is not so good indeed... But I'd like to see if slog2 performs well in terms of dynamic range. But you are right... With 4k internally this would be great

  • Sony introduces dual-camera shooting solution for RX0 with launch of new release cable


    Sony announces the latest addition to its family of RX0 solutions with the launch of a new Release Cable, model name VMC-MM2. Helping to break down barriers to shooting style and image expression, the VMC-MM2is a new solution for convenient dual-camera shooting, freeing the user to capture two different forms of content simultaneously.

    The ultra-compact dimensions and superb image quality offered by the RX0 make it the ideal accompaniment to other cameras for dual-camera capture. Combining the RX0 with other Sony α™ or Cyber-shot® cameras[i] via Multi Interface Shoe™[ii] or via bracket/rig, photographers can use the RX0 as a sub camera to concurrently shoot high quality images. VMC-MM2 realises simultaneous photo/movie shooting[iii] with just a single press of main camera’s release button.It enables the user to capture one moment in two different ways, with a variation of angle of view, depth of view or frame rate amongst other things, delivering two different forms of expression and thus increasing the amount of content captured and extending the potential offering to clients. Its coiled cable design with right-angle connector keeps the cable tidy, and clear of the EVF whilst shooting.

    This form of dual-camera shooting is especially useful for wedding, event and press conference photographers and journalists. It offers the opportunity to capture multiple perspectives using different angles of view that can be edited and packaged into an impactful series of work.

    The new VMC-MM2 will ship in Europe in April, 2018 priced at approximately £50/€55.

    The new VMC-MM2 will be available in North America in April, 2018 priced at approximately $50 US or $60 CA.

    633 x 553 - 37K
  • Wet RX0 at CP++ 2018


    800 x 662 - 62K
  • First action cam HDR (HLG) 4K Video!

    Shot in Slog2/SGamut. Recorded on the Shogun Inferno from the 422 10bit HDMI output.

    Cloudy day. There is even a focus pull!

  • With the exception of the underwater stuff, am I wrong to say a lot of this ftg looks "video-y"?

  • If by non video-y you mean very very soft and bizarre colors, then you are correct. And, btw, did you watch the above video in HDR? When you shoot in log profiles and have 422 10bit files, you have a lot of latitude to create whatever look you like. But perhaps you prefer the cinematic look of GoPro? :)

  • Here is more "video-y" 10bit 422 Slog2->HLG footage:

    There are tests reported in based on original clips that confirm the HDMI output is indeed 4k 10bit 422.

    The camera takes nice RAW stills, particularly good in bad weather (like a snowstorm):

  • First RX0 4K HDR time-lapse video!

    Recorded in 4K Slog2 10bit using the Shogun Inferno. Converted to HDR HLG in Resolve studio. The Shogun does the time-lapse using the 4K 10bit 422 output from the RX0 HDMI.

    And a regular 4K HDR (HLG) video:

    Also recorded 4K Slog2 10bit using the Shogun Inferno.

    I can't wait for that 5" Ninja V.

  • This is the other trick of the RX0 - 960 FPS slow motion. Not as pretty as the 4K HDR stuff (low resolution, moire), but cool...

  • REC709 version (SDR):

    HLG (HDR) version:

    Shot in Slog2, recorded by Shogun Inferno in 10bit 422 ProRes HQ. Edited in Resolve Studio.

  • HDR (HLG) version:

  • Send one to me Sony, and I will test it's durability on drones. Crush proof is not the same as smack proof. Drones don't crush camera's in crashes, they smack them ;-)

  • Cactus garden in 4K HDR and SDR.

    4K HDR (HLG) version:

    4K SDR version:

  • Shot using the Zhiyun Smooth Q gimbal and the Shogun Inferno:

  • New firmware v3.0

    • A Zoom function is added
      • 3 zoom settings are available: Smart zoom, ClearImage Zoom and Digital Zoom.
      • Note that the zoom feature is also available when using the shooting grip VCT-SGR1 sold separately.
      • For more information about these functions, please download the updated Help Guide.
    • Other improvements
      • Improves the overall stability of the camera.