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Adobe CC 2018 does not have Dolby audio support, hence missing codec
  • I've just updated to CC 2018 and now all .MTS files have no longer audio in Premiere, having Windows 7. The reason is that "Adobe Creative Cloud has moved to native Operating System (OS) support for Dolby Digital decoding (reading Dolby files) and is no longer providing support for encoding (writing) Dolby Digital and Dolby Digital Plus sound formats in the current and future releases of Creative Cloud". The solution they suggest is: "Adobe recommends that you update to the latest version of your Creative Cloud software and updating to a more secure operating system (Windows 10 preferred)." Or to move back to CC 2017 Since I don't want to update to win 10 (now is not free, and I don't like it) I'm looking forward to find a solution. A shame, every single update causes problems.

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  • @davjd

    Suggest to post this also -

    I think it is amazing thing. Guys want to save few dollars.

    Btw many companies are doing same with HEVC, requiring Windows 10 and using build in codec.

    As far as I understand similar thing happened in Vegas, but they just moved to simpler encoder.

    I updated title.

    Since I don't want to update to win 10 (now is not free, and I don't like it)

    Update is still free, if you know how to do it :-) It is simple.

  • @Vitaliy_Kiselev -- Ok, thanks for the info. By the way, can't we just add a free "codec pack" to our windows 7 ? My first experiments in doing so didn't solve the issue anyway. It looks like some users can't solve the problem not even by going back to Premiere Pro CC 2017 because the codec got erased in the upgrade process!

  • @davjd

    I am not sure if any packs will help.

    Need to ask their support.

    But thing their guys did is very bad.