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5d Mark iii ML Raw or Gh5?
  • Has anyone used both 5d Mark iii Raw and the Gh5 for video work? Im going to buy one but I cant decide which?

    I had a Blackmagic Cinema Camera which i sold, though I loved the image!

    I had a Sony 6300 which I sold, im not getting on with Sonys that much.

    Im seeing some really good footage with the Gh5.

    But I still keep coming back to Canon ML raw, which has such a great image.

    So do I go for a Gh5 with a speed booster or a 5d mark iii??


    Chris :)

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  • Hey Chris,

    I went thru the similar decision making process and I ended up keeping my 5d mark iii and replaced the GH5 with A6500 with the speed booster.

  • replaced the GH5 with A6500 with the speed booster.

    What was wrong with GH5?

  • It wasn't a good fit for me it felt like GH4.1 and once they have GH6 that blows me away I will go back to Lumix since I still love my gh2 image upresed to 4K.

  • Hi Tommyboy thanks for the info. What you said was really interesting. Why do you prefer the a6500 to the Gh5? What did you like more about the driftwood hack gh2?

    What made you decide to stick to 5d raw?

    It sounds like we have similar mind sets on this.

    Thanks Chris

  • @soulofrev2

    Ok let me start from 5d m3 and ML since I had owned my 5D when it first came out. I simply love the RAW image out of the full frame and the ML just made it even better for video.

    What I love about the A6500 is the tech in it (NFC, AF points, face detection, power zoom lenses etc). Adding the speed booster to it made the images look better with a huge choice of my Canon glass. On top of that I carry A6500 with one native lens at all times. So I appreciate the portability of it the most.

    In regards to GH2 "I have a huge respect for my Elders" ;-) meaning I don't get rid off gear just because, I still have a use for it and at the end of the day it is just a tool that's there to meet your needs.

  • That's really helpful thankyou. I suppose the 6500s size and decent autofocus make sense. I had the 6300 for a while but I was never that happy with the images.

    What did you think of the Gh5's picture? Compared to the 5d or Sony 6500?

    Do you have any links to work you shot on the 5d? Be great to see it! :)

  • GH5 picture is ok but as you know by now it didn't win me in my score book.

  • Hi Tommyboy thanks for the videos.

    What did you prefer about the 6500's picture to the GH5's?


  • I would guess a6500 = more dynamic range? However currently it's a trade off with rolling shutter.

    Sometimes it's nice to be able to do handheld video, for effect.

  • More dynamic range for sure with the “crispness” of a pixel that I can do whatever with in post. Also don't forget the sensor size hence the better pixel quality in my own eyes.

  • Thanks Tommyboy!

    I went with the 5d raw in the end! Happy so far, but just getting my act together at the moment!