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  • We are making small request again

    • PV does not have ads, "sponsors" or anything like such crap injecting stuff.
    • We even do not have auto playing video ads what became trend in last few months. :-)
    • Each month we pay for dedicated server hosting and it this sum is not small, and additional daily backup located outside of hoster network (for safety).
    • We don't have big team to support site. No admins, paid moderators, etc. All this time is invested in keeping this community alive.
    • Remember to support regularly, even with very small amounts, if you are in economic trouble.

    Where we are going:

    • Exhibition coverage planned - Photography show and NAB
    • Lot of new lab equipment, all of it will be used in lab report, we are learning and do some software stuff
    • We are making gear reviews and slowly improving in it -
    • We are improving our deals and added new partners and good items like Nebula gimbals, big Fotga update is also coming
    • Plan to make systematic guides for basic lighting, audio still in place. Something what you can compare to good book.
    • Made secure site version working fully last month, this month we will improve some responsiveness and later move to mobile
    • Still slightly short to get lab grade spectrometer for measuring lights and filters (but we already got monochromator)

    We need your help, remember to donate using orange Donate button above this page!

    Thanks in advance.

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  • Very good work, Vitaliy!

  • Donated. Keep it up despite the odds!

  • Thanks, guys.

    Support is very important in such hard times!

  • donated. thx for all your efforts.