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Panasonic Vlog: matching non-Vlog footage
  • I'm working on a project where we shot with three Panasonic cameras: a GH4, a GH2, and a GX7. On the GH2 and GX7, we used the Standard setting, but I decided to try using Vlog on the GH4.

    Obviously, my question's about matching the color grades. I can't see to find a set of settings or a LUT that would take my GH4 footage and conform it to the standard Panasonic curves in any consistent way. The LUTs that are closest-- the standard Vlog to v35, Balazar's luts-- have two faults: they're a bit greyish in the low end, and they're actually kind of dim, so I have to adjust the floor and boost the low-to-midranges.

    Seems to me that there ought to be a LUT that accurately brings the Vlog footage to something very close to Standard. Any suggestions?

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  • Did you try the actual GH4 official Panasonic Vlog L LUT?

    This uses that LUT:

    It was shot precisely to test the color palette. I normally shoot in Standard.

  • It's still one of the best out there, but it still requires some work-- boosting the midranges, boosting the saturation.

    I really ought to find some way of makintg my own LUTs.