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BD-R one time readable
  • I'm having a strange and weird problem. I create a BD-R (video) disc with encore. The blu ray is readable by any home blu ray player (as far as I tested) and (fortunately) every time I want to. BUT when I try to read it with my computer, in the same fixed internal drive I use for burning it, I'm able to do it only once. Every other time I insert the disc, I can't read it. After a while it tries to load it the disc seems to be empty. The same using another external usb bd burner/reader even on another computer. Both computers are Windows 7. BUT - external usb bd burner/reader - connected to my mac book pro - disc is readable again. I can't understand if the laser is going bad on my bd drive, if the disc gets modified somehow when I read it or what esle. Need help, suggestions are welcome

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  • @davjd There may be another cause. In my expirience the Win7' own cd/dvd reader/writer could be a cause. NERO v7 for me has been better. Some tasks could not be handled by internal win7 program. Some functions Microsoft ads to their systems are barebones types. Bjarne

  • Try clearing cache memory. It may store Blu-ray cache files somewhere. Or restart computer before inserting Blu-ray the second time.

    Check for conflicts with other drives.

  • Probably. But I'm trying to find an answer to this question: why is the disc readable in my pc fixed drive only once, while the second time windows 7 can't read it anymore, and only a mac (with same external drive) or a home player can? My hypothesis are that somehow my fixed drive modifies the disc when reading it (silly!), and that mac and windows make my external drive work in a different way... I've already went trough these problems several times with different bd-disks. And in most cases encore makes me write at a minimum speed o 4x (2x is not available).

  • Can be just old or bad disk wrote on high speed. Blu ray players can have better laser or tracking.

    To be short - copy all from it and try different brand of disks and also use slower speed.