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Alternative theory why Trump/Pence won...they time travelers!!!
  • This is legit genius and hilarious. Oh and there are two 100% factual statments in this "theory". Guess which ones.

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  • Don't spend too much time on this topic?

  • @Vitaliy_Kiselev it's all fun and games until....Trump in 2000 wrote a book calling out Osama bin Laden as being the next great terror threat.

  • Well, let's just avoid this kind of Trump topic here, ok?

    It is not PV level at all.

  • OK the 100% true facts in the original post......

    Trump's uncle was a genius and the government did give him Tesla's notes to examine.

    A person calling himself "John Titor" posted to various message boards in the early 2000s saying he was from the future and warned of apocalyptic future.

    But I guess we can say it's fake because we knew the elections outcome before Dec 21. :P

  • @CRFilms

    Let me just rephrase:

    Someone see 35 year boy playing with his scoop in sandbox. To the offer to do something more appropriate he answers that scoop is not main thing and you just did not see toy car yet and run to get it.

    I know that it is comfort and safe at sandbox, but it is time to leave it.

  • @Vitaliy_Kiselev Ok...even taking into account english isn't your first language, what you posted is legit incomprehensible.

    Whoever wrote that post is a "Oscar" caliber writer. I thought it was cute until I saw Pence and Tim Kaine's wife pic, then I laughed my ass off. That's genius writing.

    Could you perhaps comment on the actual merits of the writing as opposed to your standard dismissive "the elite's control you" because while you might think you really know what's going reality you're being intellectually lazy.

  • @CRFilms

    As for my responses - it is very hard to talk with someone playing in sandbox in such age, and especially someone who on repeating offer to leave sandbox keep retelling you story from his favorite Disney animation.

    My usual offer to you - start to read and think, get out of sandbox.

  • @Vitaliy_Kiselev I have been reading. But you deny what I'm reading is real. And in that reading I've learned we all see reality in ways that do not match the reality EVERYBODY sees.

    The thing you don't understand...we're both in sandboxes, but you think you're not. I see the sandbox and enjoy playing in it because it's just fun. You play in your sandbox because you think it's....logic/reason/reality. But it's all the same sand.

  • @CRFilms

    Theory that around your sandbox normal world does not exist and all people play with scoops in sandboxes is quite original, but childish, you know it.

    Topic is closed, as not matching PV level of economic and political discussion.

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