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    Windows users can now download the long-awaited Affinity Photo, with the launch of a free public beta.

    It’s the first opportunity for PC users to experience the speed, power and precision of the award-winning professional image editor.

    Chosen as Apple’s ‘App of the Year’ 2015, and ‘Best Imaging Software’ 2016 by the Technical Image Press Association, Affinity Photo for Mac has received thousands of 5-star reviews from professional photographers, editors, artists and retouchers around the world.

    The Windows version matches it feature-for-feature and the public beta offers users the chance to try it free of charge before the full version goes on sale.

    Ashley Hewson, Managing Director of Affinity developer Serif, says: “When we started developing our Affinity apps nearly seven years ago one of the key aims was to be cross-platform, so this is a huge milestone for us. Because we did plan this from the beginning we made nearly all of our back-end code – the core engine of Affinity, if you like – completely operating system independent.

    “This not only means that file compatibility between the two platforms is 100% perfect, but all the power, performance, tools and accuracy which have really set us apart on Mac are there for Windows users to enjoy now too.”

    Affinity Photo’s awe-inspiring range of tools work in real time, so there’s no waiting to see results. Non-destructive editing, RAW processing and end-to-end colour management are standard, so Affinity Photo has all the accuracy and quality necessary to make beautiful images spring to life.

    Participants will be excited to know that the beta version includes a host of powerful new features to be made available in Affinity Photo’s next major update, v1.5.

    They include:

    • Advanced HDR merge producing full 32-bit linear colour space images
    • Focus stacking to bring depth to multiple combined images
    • Batch processing for smoother, faster workflow
    • An all-new way to edit 360 degree images

    The beta period also offers Affinity’s developers the chance to perfect the product before its full launch, and users are encouraged to share their feedback.

    Naturally, Affinity Photo works perfectly with Serif’s stunning graphics editor Affinity Designer, sharing a common file type and shared save history. Affinity Designer for Windows is on the verge of full release.

    Windows prices will match Affinity’s subscription-free Mac pricing ethos, with a one-off payment of $49.99 / £39.99 / €49.99 covering future updates.

    For more information about Affinity Photo:

    To sign up for the beta:

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  • One of the first programs that really has the basic tools to replace photoshop IMO long overdue. Big plus you don't have to rent it : ) I figure I should add it throws in a decent amount of it's own unique and powerful features.

  • @Scot

    Yes, both Photo and Designer are very good software. Nice to see their Windows versions.

  • Why don't more people lose their minds over this? I tried out the beta and it's awesome! For real!

    In the last couple of years I've really come to hate Adobe and their cloud bullshit and their overall slow progression and lack of innovation. It doesn't justify the prices they're asking for, at least for me. Having something like this, a true PS and AI equivalent for a more than fair price without all the bullshit that is installed with an Adobe product is a really great thing. Those Affinity apps are what? 250MB? Instead of 1-2GB and a bunch of services that are running 24/7.

    It's the little things, like changing the f*cking language in-app without reinstalling the whole thing that already make me happy. I firmly believe that the Adobe apps would greatly improve if they would be written from the ground up again – which is basically what's happening right here.

    Definitely going to buy Photo and Designer. Now we'd just need a replacement for After Effects...

  • Now we'd just need a replacement for After Effects...

    Well, Hitfilm is progressing :-)

    I am more hoping to see Final Cut X analog on Windows.

  • @sh1ggy I so totally agree was going to post again in hopes everyone will take notice this company has great products at very reasonable prices. They also have scopes in there editor.

    @Vitaliy_Kiselev I like the direction Hitfilm is going as well. Also there is Black Magics's Fusion though I'm still having trouble getting my head around it. Hoping in the future they will integrate it with Resolve which is my go to editor.

  • @Scot Sorry for off-topic, but how does Resolve compare to something like Premiere? Is it a good editor?

  • @sh1ggy

    Also suggest to check

    It is quite barebones, and has small interface issues, but it does that you normally need from raw converter.

  • @Vitaliy_Kiselev Thanks!

    Today I also learned about Natron, an open-source alternative to Nuke (almost 100% identical).

    You guys should give it a try, it's awesome!

  • oh this looks good! will try it! I am searching for a software with better HDR merge functions. Really dislike the fact that once I selected the pictures for the HDR in Photoshop I cannot unselect one of them to see how it affects the photo...

  • Today’s Windows launch coincides with developer Serif releasing Affinity Photo 1.5, which represents the biggest single update to the app since it was launched over a year ago.

    Chosen as Apple’s ‘App of the Year’ 2015, and ‘Best Imaging Software’ 2016 by the Technical Image Press Association, Affinity Photo on Mac has received thousands of 5-star reviews from professional photographers, editors, artists and retouchers around the world.

    Speed, power and accuracy are at the heart of Affinity Photo’s peerless workflow, with non-destructive editing, RAW processing and end-to-end colour management as standard. Tools work in real time, so there’s no waiting to see results.

    Now Affinity Photo 1.5’s enormous update takes its renowned power to another level with an array of new features that users will love, including:

    • Macros to record and replay a set of commands
    • Advanced HDR merge producing deep unbounded 32-bit images
    • A full tone mapping workspace for both HDR and LDR images
    • Focus stacking to achieve large depth of field from multiple images
    • Full batch processing to process large folders of images in one go
    • An all-new way to edit 360 degree images
    • Direct PSD write-back
    • 32-bit editing including OpenEXR import & export
    • Automatic lens corrections based on profiles of thousands of lens & body combinations

    The Windows version matches the Mac version feature-for-feature and goes on sale for all platforms at a discount $39.99 / £29.99 / €39.99 until 22 December, with no subscription. Existing owners of the Mac version can download the 1.5 update free of charge.

  • Affinity Photo v1.6

    Amazing performance enhancements and the option of a light UI are among the additions in the latest versions of Affinity’s award-winning professional desktop apps, available today.

    And for a limited period, buyers of Affinity Photo and Affinity Designer will be able to claim a bundle of creativity-boosting extra goodies totally free of charge.

    The new versions 1.6 of the acclaimed apps are even faster, smoother and more powerful than before. Valuable added features, such as brush stabilization and enhanced text handling, sit alongside a realm of useful performance tune-ups and improvements.

    Already loved by customers for their no-subscription ethos and one-off £48.99 / $49.99 / 54,99€ purchase price (subject to regional currency variations), the added content bundles make Affinity apps unrivalled value for money. In fact the free content alone would cost more than the app, if bought separately.

    Ashley Hewson, Managing Director of Affinity developer Serif, says: “Affinity apps are all about enabling you to work faster – whether it’s a quick design draft or photo edit, or a painstaking, complex document involving hundreds of layers or stacked images.

    “Our apps are already a trusted part of the workflow for creative professionals around the world. The latest versions build on those proven capabilities to deliver lightning speed, pinpoint accuracy and incredible processing power like never before.”

    Until 16 November, buyers of Affinity Photo, Serif’s pro photo editing app, will receive bonus content worth around £105:

    • Dirk Wüstenhagen Fine Art Texture Collection: containing 99 beautifully crafted, high-resolution textures
    • Uplift Epic Skies Overlays: a versatile collection of 50 striking cloud overlays
    • Macro Pack: a stunning set of image styles, light leaks and distortions

    Vector design app Affinity Designer – winner of an Apple Design Award after launch in 2015 – comes with bonus content worth around £60:

    • Frankentoon Texturizer Pro Brush Pack: containing 70+ high-quality brushes created exclusively for Affinity Designer
    • Tom Chalky Handcrafted Fonts & Textures: a valuable bundle of stylish fonts and more than 80 high-resolution textures
    • Grade UI Kit: Including more than 1000 fully-customisable elements, icons, panels and buttons

    Affinity Photo and Designer for Mac are available to buy from the App Store, with full optimisation for macOS High Sierra. Windows users can buy direct from Affinity’s website,

    Free trials are also available from the website – including for users who have trialled the apps before and were previously unable to download a second trial.

    Ashley Hewson adds: “People who tried us out before, particularly in the early days, will find that Affinity Photo and Affinity Designer have come a very long way. To acknowledge that, we’re hitting the ‘reset’ button so they can take another look at how we’ve developed.”

    The v1.6 update is available free of charge to existing owners of the Affinity desktop apps. They can also claim the free content bundles, by following the prompts in the app, before the offer closes on 16 November.

    Some of the main improvements and additions in v1.6 are:

    • New light UI option
    • New stroke stabiliser for all pencil and brush tools
    • New "Edit In" integration with Apple Photos (Affinity Photo only)
    • Metal 2 accelerated view optimised for macOS High Sierra
    • Improved view pan/zoom performance
    • Improved performance with large documents
    • New font chooser dropdown with recent, used fonts and favourites
    • New Glyph browser
    • Align to key items
    • Text frame vertical alignment options
    • Fit frame to text
    • Custom brush wet edges (Affinity Photo only)
    • Outlier stacking mode (Affinity Photo only)
    • Improved Photoshop Plugin support (Affinity Photo only)
    • Improved Live Filters performance (Affinity Photo only)
    • Many PDF export improvements including vector export of multi-stop gradients
    • 360 image roll correction (Affinity Photo only)
    • Numerous bug fixes and other improvements
  • 360 editing

  • Version 1.7 PR

    Biggest-ever Affinity updates bring unrivalled speed, power and extensive new features

    GPU compute acceleration, HDR monitor support and a new memory management system ensure the Affinity suite continues to be at the cutting edge of modern creative software.

    Affinity Designer and Photo today receive their biggest ever updates, adding market-leading performance improvements, best-ever usability and an extensive list of new features.

    The latest versions underline Serif’s commitment to pushing the limits of performance that users can expect from their hardware. It’s the same approach that made Affinity apps the first fully-featured creative desktop apps to make the leap to iPad.

    Today’s v1.7 upgrades mean Mac users can now enjoy end-to-end Metal compute acceleration to take full advantage of the Mac’s discrete GPU, making all raster layer and brush operations up to 10 times faster than ever before. Additionally, the apps now support multiple GPUs—whether internal or with external units connected—multiplying the performance gains further.

    Serif Managing Director Ashley Hewson says: “It’s really important that we are leading the way in exploiting the latest technologies available to us and our customers. GPU compute acceleration is something we have worked tirelessly on for the last couple of years as it is certainly the future in achieving phenomenal speeds, even when working on massive, deep-colour projects. We’re pleased to say that for Affinity customers on Mac the future is now here.”

    Serif is working on hardware acceleration for its Windows version too, although that will be delivered in a future update. But that hasn’t stopped them achieving big performance increases—today’s updates introduce a rewritten memory management system resulting in 3x or 4x speed improvements across many tasks on Windows machines.

    Dial and Pen support for Microsoft Surface devices has also been significantly upgraded, giving users new ways to interact with the apps.

    And in a market-first for photo editing and graphic design apps, Affinity Photo and Designer now come with full support for the latest HDR / EDR monitors. This allows photographers to see new levels of the detail captured in RAW files, while designers can push colour intensity in graphics far further than was possible before.

    “Using Affinity Photo with an HDR monitor offers a simply stunning experience,” says Ashley Hewson. “It’s amazing the detail and dynamic range the latest SLR cameras capture when shooting in RAW, and Affinity Photo now offers the opportunity to actually see all that depth while editing on an HDR monitor.

    “But this isn’t just for high-end photography. As more and more graphic content is being consumed on HDR displays, it will start to become important that designers are using an app which can both work in a 32bit colour space and render the results on an HDR monitor. Affinity Designer is the first professional graphic design application to do both.”

    Users of Affinity on iPad aren’t left out either. There are further performance optimisations and a refreshed, compact UI which both gives more real estate for working, but also to allow for the ultimate experience on the new 7.9-inch screen iPad mini.

    “The new iPad mini is an incredible device, especially now it supports Apple Pencil,” says Ashley Hewson. “It’s pretty cool that you can work on high-end photo compositions or full design projects with thousands of objects on such a small device”

    As well as these device specific improvements, there are plenty of new features and improvements which have been added—all of them available on the Mac, Windows and iPad versions from today.

    Affinity Photo

    • Much improved RAW processing engine offering significantly faster loading of files, a new demosaicing algorithm, more effective noise reduction, hot pixel removal and wide colour space development.
    • Rewritten brush engine adding all-new multi-brushes, a symmetry mode (up to 32-way) and on-the-fly nozzle rotation with shortcut keys.
    • Batch processing is improved, a new assets panel is available for quick drag and drop of commonly used elements, and the layers panel has had a complete overhaul.

    Affinity Designer

    • New isometric controls allowing you to work directly on any isometric plane - or fit existing elements to a plane with a single click.
    • Vector shapes can now possess an unlimited number of strokes and fills, with complete freedom to interleave different attributes and control how they are blended together. Arrowheads have been added to the stroke panel too.
    • Improvements to almost all vector tools, including lasso selection of modes, the pencil tool adding a sculpt mode, a new point transform tool as well as huge improvements to guides, grids and snapping.

    “This update isn’t only about the big new features and performance gains—we’ve also made literally thousands of little tweaks and improvements to both apps based on all the feedback we get from our customers every day. It’s a lot of these little enhancements which add up to mean both Affinity Photo and Affinity Designer are more productive than ever before.”

    The new 1.7 versions of both Affinity Photo and Affinity Designer are available now with a 20% discount ($39.99 desktop, $15.99 iPad) with no subscription. Existing users can download the updated versions free.