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DJI Mavic - Foldable drone
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    • 300m wi-fi link
    • Foldable arms for ultra compact size
    • 4K UHD video
    • 3-axis gimbal system
    • 12-megapixel image sensor
    • 4 mile range and 27 minute flight time
    • Intelligent Vision avoidance detection system
    • Dual GPS satellite antennas and recievers
    • Follow mode
    • Sport mode with agile flying at up to 40MPH
    • Updated remote control
    • Gesture control to use your hands for control
    • Optional DJI Goggles
    • Ships in middle of October
    • $749 without remote at
    • $999 with remote at
    • $1299 bundle
    • Weight at 1.43lbs
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  • Perfect! So they will have a better gopro karma before gopro gets theirs out

  • Just announced - very similar specs and features to the Phantom 4, but folds down to about the same size as the Karma. Ships mid-October for $999.

    Video modes supported:

    • C4K: 4096×2160 24p
    • 4K: 3840×2160 24/25/30p
    • 2.7K: 2704×1520 24/25/30p
    • FHD: 1920×1080 24/25/30/48/50/60/96p
    • HD: 1280×720 24/25/30/48/50/60/120
  • PR

    September 27, 2016 - DJI, the world leader in unmanned aerial technology, Tuesday revolutionized personal flight by introducing Mavic Pro - a portable, powerful and easy-to-use drone featuring DJI's most innovative flight technology in a sleek, foldable package that enables creative fun wherever you go.

    Mavic Pro is DJI's first personal drone designed to be taken just about anywhere. Small enough to toss in a bag and easy enough to launch quickly whenever the time and place are right, its unique folding design compresses the entire drone to practically the size of a water bottle.

    The compact body of Mavic Pro holds a drone built for uncompromising performance. Equipped with a stabilized 4K camera and a visual navigation system, with a 4.3 mile (7 km) range and 27 minute flight time, Mavic Pro sets the new standard for compact drones.

    "DJI has spent a decade making it easier for anyone to fly, and by rethinking everything about how a drones look, we have created an entirely new type of aerial platform for anyone to explore their creativity," said Frank Wang, DJI's CEO and founder.

    "Mavic Pro is a technological triumph filled with features that once again show how DJI leads the industry. Most importantly, Mavic Pro allows you to reach the skies easily, see the world with new eyes and tell your stories like never before."

    Mavic Pro is designed to be ultra portable and quick to launch so it can take to the skies as soon as you need it. With four folding arms and propellers that tuck neatly away against its streamlined body, it can be easily carried in a purse or backpack, saving you the trouble of mounting propellers before a flight. It can be operated by the powerful long range remote controller, or simply by your smartphone at shorter range. When controlled by a smartphone, the whole system can be set up and airborne in less than a minute to capture every key moment.

    Most Intelligent Drone Ever

    The powerful systems inside Mavic Pro are easy to use, even for beginners. Using just your phone's touchscreen, you can use TapFly to direct Mavic Pro to go wherever you want, avoiding obstacles along the way. When you want to take a hands-free selfie, FlightAutonomy makes it possible to control the drone completely with just your gestures.

    In Gesture mode, you can use gestures to have Mavic Pro locate you, center you in the frame and take the perfect shot as Mavic Pro's flashing lights count down to the photo. Sharing your best aerial moments has never been easier with live streaming to Facebook Live, Periscope and YouTube through the DJI GO app.

    An updated version of DJI's ActiveTrack recognizes common subjects such as people, bicyclists, cars, boats and animals, which then sends Mavic Pro to follow behind, lead in front, circle above or track alongside the subject, keeping the camera focused on the subject while you concentrate on flight maneuvers. The new Terrain Follow mode means that you can race up a slope behind a subject while remaining at a constant height between 1 ft (0.3 m) and 33 ft (10 m).

    At the other extreme, the new Tripod Mode is designed for indoor use, slowing and fine-tuning Mavic Pro's position and angle based on controller movement inputs to allowing for precision framing and safe indoor flight.

  • This should definitely be up for a product of the year award.

  • This should definitely be up for a product of the year award.

    Doubt it.

    For example, you never want your legs to be on such place. As due to physics any hard landings become too costly.

  • I'm pretty excited by it. I was probably going to buy a Karma as a more portable alternative to my Phantom 4 since my main interest in drones is for travel stuff (including an upcoming documentary about a sled dog musher in February). I was bummed that the Karma lacked a lot of the features of the Phantom, though, particularly ActiveTrack.

    Now I'll be selling my Phantom 4 and accessories in favor of a smaller drone with a really similar feature set (anybody near Minneapolis wanna buy a used P4?).

  • @eatstoomuchjam

    May be best idea is to look at modular DIY like things were you can detach or replace carbon rods.

    As this thing just scream - "I will cost you ton of money upon each crash".

  • The front lens element looks tiny. I doubt there are proper ND filters for it as of yet. It would've been cool to have them integrated and to control them from the app to set exposure.

  • @Vitaliy_Kiselev Before Karma came out, I was looking at DIY solutions, figuring I'd 3d print a shell since there are a lot of stl's out there for them already (and it would be nice to find a use for my Z-Camera E1 which mostly just sits on a shelf). Most of what I was finding seemed to be a combination of fairly expensive and labor intensive. In particular, controller combos that can do HDMI input seem relatively problematic. If you've had luck (or have heard of someone having luck) with an inexpensive one, though, I'm all ears! For a lot of the stuff I do, it'd be cool to risk a cheap DIY drone that I can repair myself vs an expensive commercial one. :)

    I'll definitely be interested to see how robust the expanding arms are. Hopefully they're pretty solid.

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    800 x 403 - 39K
    800 x 625 - 45K
    776 x 427 - 53K
    796 x 702 - 49K
  • Apparently there's a stark difference in image quality vs. the P4. It could be partially related to the dome which can be removed -

  • @Tron

    I want similar drone, but with small full frame camera with set of 3 small lenses and one flat small fisheye. Like NX lenses.

  • A full-frame Mavic... that may prove to be a serious engineering challenge :)

    I just want something with sharp images, recorded in 10 bit HEVC!

  • I must say I feel like a really happy kid waiting for this thing to be tested in the real.

  • like vk said ,it's time for them to start improving the image and dynamic range.

  • The appeal of this thing is increasing now... sucks that so many testers had no clue there was an AF capability.

  • More samples