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GoPro Hero 5 Black and GoPro 5 Session topic
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  • And now GoPro is synonymous with action cam

    I think no longer. This year was really bad and coming one will be even worse.

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  • @Vitaliy_Kiselev

    I checked out the Sony Action Cam. While its image stabilization is quite good I honestly can’t use it for what I am doing.

    The Sony camera actually costs $550 with the LCD screen which I would need. That is way over my budget.

    Also the Sony cam doesn’t include the 4:3 video format mode with a very tall aspect ratio. I need that mode for sport climbing where the video is taller than it is wide.

    It appears that the maximum angle of view that the Sony camera can get is 17mm equivalent. That isn’t wide at all. Basically that camera would be useless for my needs.

    I could get the new stabilizer for the GoPro and do a lot better job than the Sony camera. Honestly, I don’t see what the attraction is for the Sony camera.

  • @mpgxsvcd I haven't tried it, but the Sony IQ looked very good.

  • @mpgxsvcd You said "Honestly, I don’t see what the attraction is for the Sony camera."

    For your very special (odd) needs, the Sony is clearly not the right choice. You should have stopped there.

    But being able to shoot video handheld without an external gimbal in 4K is amazing. The point of these cameras in very "large" part is that they are tiny - if you have to use a gimbal, you might as well get a real video camera. Stabilized, tiny, and great 4K IQ - wow!

    Many people hate the fisheye effect of the former Sony's and the current GoPros. The new Sony has much less. So the 17mm is a plus for most people, and happens, for your unique sole use, to not be useful.

    You can get the lvr2 liveview lcd remote screen for $79, or you can just use your cellphone, or you can do without any lcd (as most using GoPros did for years, given the wide view). Having a remote lcd is better than having one fixed to the camera, for many reasons. More flexibility, more uses, more creativity.

    Honestly, I don't see what the attraction is of rock climbing, or of rock climbing videos. :)

  • With all that I hope one day GoPro will be inspired from company like Blackmagic Design !

    hopefully not! Making announcements and let wait the clients for months or years, bringing an unstable product with half of announced features on the market should not be the inspiration

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  • Is it just me or does the fisheye seem reduced on this generation of GoPros? None of the Karma videos have that look that screams GoPro, but no one is talking about it so maybe I am nuts?

  • @kellar42 They're probably using the new Linear mode, which defishes the video on the fly. Probably also mostly in 2.7K, since that allows the use of image stabilization.

  • @markr041

    I understand why some people would want really good stabilization. However, I really wasn’t seeing outstanding stabilization in the sample videos for the Sony.

    As for my needs. Yes absolutely they are very specialized. I fully understand that no one else uses it the way I use it. However, I want to clarify exactly what I use it for. I am not using it for highlight videos anymore. Instead it is being used as a replay camera for appeals during climbing competitions.

    We want to use as few cameras as possible so having high resolution super wide angles is a must for us. For my needs the GoPro5 works perfectly. For skiing or skateboarding I would definitely have a look at the Sony instead.

    Does anyone know when the GoPro5 will be available to buy in stores like Best Buy?

  • I would be interested to see\know the videos that I have seen so far of the gorpo with the karma stabilzation those videos show how good the gimbal is or are the videos based on the stabilzation coming from both the gimbal and the hopro 5 itself? I would like to see a video of the karma gimbal and a gopro 4 to see if the stabilzation looks as good if you dont have it in the cam itself...

  • @BlueBomberTurbo thank you, that makes more sense.

  • Going to get my hero 5 in a few minutes. Does anyone have any questions about it that they want answered?

  • @mpgxsvcd

    Interesting to see your feedback.

  • @MaxDepth

    I got the Hero 5 Black. It is actually a fantastic little piece of equipment. At first I thought they had removed the external power port and HDMI connector. However, it is hidden under a clever but sort of flimsy connector. They also mad that little hidden door removable.

    We lost battery access and Memory card access when it has the "Frame" on it though. That might be a deal killer for me. I might try to modify my "Frame" but it may not work.

    I will try to do a tutorial video on it. I lost my voice(So SICK) though so it will all be text based speech.

    I also picked up a Samsung Note 7 and an iPhone 7+ for my daughter. It will be nice to compare those as well.


  • @mpgxsvcd

    Do you still need the frame to mount the camera? The Sony has the tripod hole right on it - it's on the bottom, but the power port and the hdmi port and the external mic port are in the back behind a door, so no mount gets in the way of complete access.

  • Seems like the Karma Drone And Stabilization Grip is delayed - at least in Europe.

    Prfeviously the GoPro site said Oct 23 fopr the grip, but this changed on monday for "Comming Soon".

    Any more details on the delay?

  • @EspenB

    Nope, sorry.

    Why not use Karma drone topic?

  • We got fucked in Europe.

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  • @EspenB

    I think they just want to sell as much as possible with least expenses for now.