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GH5 Panasonic camera, from anticipation to love or hate
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  • @Manu4Vendetta

    Must be good, I think more info will leak during Photokina.


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  • Hmmm... if they do a version of Sony's XLR adaptor, it would be of great use for lightweight run 'n' gun documentary use

  • @roly

    You can do it already, Saramonic makes cheaper version, works with any camera with 3.5mm input.

  • As it looks in hands


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  • @Vitaliy

    True, I remember Curtis Judd doing a youtube vid on it a while back

  • Very pleased to see, as I have many times suggested, that Panasonic is going with a Sony XLR-K2M audio addition instead of doing another YAGH again!


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  • Is depressing reading on other places on the internet how quick the anti-MFT trolls are out, and of course their first red herring is "but it sucks at low light".

    This low light argument reminds me of the megapixel race, sure there was big benefits from going from 2 megapixels to 5 megapixels, 12 megapixels, but then at around 16 megapixels to 24 megapixels range... the arguments got a lot weaker. And for 99.9% of users we don't need 50 megapixels!

    Ditto low light, not being constrained by 50 ISO film is AWESOME, then getting to 200 ISO... great! And now we can do workable 800 and 1600 and even 3200 ISO!

    Let's assume GH5 carries on and is one stop better even than that? How is that not a very workable ability to handle?

    Do we NEED to have clean 100,00 ISO?? Nah, that is over the top in nearly all cases.

    I'd rather pass on the unnecessary over the top extreme high ISO capabilities and have instead the well polished and extensive range of features that the GH5 will have.

  • @IronFilm

    Save your health. Ignore any trolls. Post more on PV, they somehow do not survive here.

  • @IronFilm IMO, much better to have the tonal sensitivity and dynamic range that 10 bit recording affords. With an XL Speedbooster the total light gathering difference will be negligible anyway because you're funneling the same amount of light onto a smaller surface area but at a higher concentration (+1.5 stops). If FF sensors are theoretically 2 stops better, there's practically no loss of light in the end.

  • Remaining questions that I have -

    1. Which sensor
    2. Which codec
    3. Video crop
    4. Overcrank FPS
    5. IBIS

    If there's no IBIS it could be due to multi-aspect sensor size or heat issues. Still, hard to imagine they would give up all the marketing jazz that comes with dual IS only to relegate it to the lower tier models.

    Will definitely be picking up that XLR adapter.

  • @tron +1

    Would love to see a detailed breakdown of everything we know so far, didn't even see that XLR adaptor!! Very interesting, and a move in the right direction.

    I have noticed it looks like the inbuilt flash is missing... Intentional or simply the demo build?

  • I have noticed it looks like the inbuilt flash is missing... Intentional or simply the demo build?

    It is clearly missing as two mike holes are on top, check photos:-)

  • That flash situation is interesting. Maybe they'll throw in a small external flash/light combo?

    Or perhaps its a move toward a higher durability rating... no little bits to snap and fly off during severe drop tests.

  • According to the Panasonic disclaimer the GH5 will not shoot 10 bit 4:2:2 @ 60 fps for 4k. It will only do it at 30 fps or slower.

    I hope they include 1080p @ 120 or 240 fps.

  • Now 1080 dont exist.

    Nothing aboutprofiles, if includes V-Log or cinematic profiles. I guess include 96 fps @ 1080 or superior if GH4 has it and the competence already has (A6300, A7S, A7RII, NX1), would be stupid from Panasonic dont offer an alternative.

  • Well, my main desires for the GH5 were, in descending order: 4K at 60fps, better low-light performance (less noise at higher ISOs), internal 10-bit recording, and improved Vlog. Two out of three ain't bad, and I'll presume that the low-noise and Vlog are in the pipeline. I'm really looking forward to getting this.

  • So apparently the E-M1 MkII can do the full 20 Mp @ 60 fps in 12 bit Raw until the buffer fills (about 2 seconds). That's about 5 seconds of Raw slow mo. I wonder if we'll see something comparable on the GH5?

  • So no IBIS? :/

  • Is the body different form GH4?

  • The Specs on the GH5 sounds awesome, still waiting to see if it will have V-Log.. Also I believe that if will shoot 4K 60p 10bit 422.

  • @LongJohnSilver The body appears only slightly different, so it'll probably fit in most of the GH4 cages.

  • This Picture confirms that the GH5 will only enable 10bit 422 in 4K 24/25/30p. 60p will most likely be 8bit 422, or 420 but will see.

    Screen Shot 2016-09-19 at 6.42.13 PM.png
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  • It seems like GH5 lack stabilization due to heat.

  • if video about gh5 shot on gh5, I think it have ibis. On some shota we can see leaps when camera movement around(witch looks no so good, may be it's preproduction bugs).

  • @Readbook I believe I saw it confirmed that that vid was shot on GH4s. To my eye it's definitely software stabilization because of the motion blur.