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Tascam DR-10C - recorder for lavaliers
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  • Very strange. Tascam best idea is to offer it as wide as possible for online shops.

  • Looks like Juicedlink is still working at it... Just deciding to add a bunch of features.

  • Has anyone seen or tried one of these yet? I've noticed they're starting to become available here in the UK.

    I'm tempted to get one mainly because of the small size, but also the backup -6db track. I love the tiny Yamaha C24 recorders I have but the self noise seems pretty high so I'd like to know how this compares.

  • Soooo.... what happened to these? Can't seem to see them for sale anywhere (stupid dumb pstent laws grrrr...). But they're still up and listed on Tascam's website.

  • @IronFilm Here's a link to UK company showing them for sale - not sure if this is something they really have in stock. Yeah, I had also heard talk of there being a lawsuit over patents affecting this item being for sale in US (and maybe also Juicedlink Little Darling delay). B&H had them for sale for a month, then certain versions were no longer available. Now that Darling is available in US, I'll probably go for Darling because it has a -16db lower safety track, and I think the Tascam is only -6db.

  • The Juicedlink just went on sale. Too bad, because a month ago I could have used about a half dozen of either of these.

  • Juicedlink offers significant discount if you're buying 2 or more, and the discount increases with quantity. Details on their site

  • Better be sharp on the sync claps on every shot and enjoy syncing them up if you have multiples after, with the wandering crystals on long shots - I don't lol.

  • A double/triple hand clap helps the automated algorithms in your NLE sync up tracks a bit better than a single clap.

  • Also - great if your dubbing mixer loves radios ;) Oh we don't ! ... and Iron - the hours I've spent re-spotting DSLR footage badly synced by a 3 am intern that incidentally comes back on the sound department when it fails - several hours on the phone with broadcasters on that one too with the QC department! lol