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What is the largest sd card a hacked gh2 will support?
  • I just bought a used GH2 on ebay and am interested in using it to record long talks at conferences--events that could potentially run all day. Ideally I'd like to find a reasonable quality setting that would allow me to save 8 hrs or more worth of 1080p footage without having to switch cards. First of all, what is the largest sd card that the camera will support? Are there specific card models anyone would recommend that will be sure to work? Also, any recommendations on which firmware hack to install on my GH2? I'm new to this.

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  • Generally, the GH2 supports any SDHC card so the maximum is 32 GB. It does not support SDXC cards. I have a moderate sanity hack with around 35 - 50 mbit/s so even a class 6 card worked on my GH2. Depending on the bitrate of your hack I would suggest a quick class 10 card. I have only good experiences with Sandisc, Panasonic and Trancend cards. I hope that helps.


    64-GB cards work, with caveats. Sandisk Extreme and Extreme Pro cards are best.

  • @cayblood Definitely read the faq's linked by @balazar. It will help you to avoid errors. I use the Sandisk 64 GB SD card that has 95 MB/s rating. I've had a few years of use with these cards, and only 1 or 2 errors. (At the time the GH2 was very popular & being used by a lot of people, that card was the gold standard. Now there are cards available at that 95 MB/s rating that are 128GB but I'm not sure if anyone on here has tested those and if they're even compatible (as well as the cards with the higher bitrate rating that are also newer).

    You should be able to estimate how long a card lasts once you know the bitrate of the hack setting you choose, but a quick way is to test the camera and sd card for 8 hours in a scenario as similar to what you'll be shooting. Testing is best to anticipate any problems before day of events. Good luck.

  • You are right. I just tested SDXC 128 Transcend cars and it worked too.

  • Hi guys, long time no post but have a video project and just bought a second GH2. Hacked to Cake 2.3 to match my other GH2. Just a point about the cards: I bought two Sandisk Extreme PRO SDXC UHS-1 128GB cards, and formatted in camera. They work fine. Quite amusing to see on Cake's 24H setting that it has the time remaining displayed as 3h 58m!!

    Don't know if it spans yet but I hope this helps anyone who is interested in high-bitrate long-form video. They were £113.98 for two in the UK from MyMemory. Bargain!!

    Hope useful!


  • Good info - thanks Mark. Was just wondering about this - I've been on the 64GB version and was hoping the 128GB's would work well. Thanks!