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Doing work pro bono
  • There's a local restaurant that I'm a fan of and I noticed that they had no commercial for their business. How should I go about asking the owner if I could film a promotional video for their company at no cost without them thinking that I'm full of sh!%t. Every once in a while I like to take free work but this will be my first for an actual company.

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  • tell them if they like it, they can pay you in meals

  • ive done this before to places ive come across and liked. i just tell them i like the place and want to make a video, usually they are more than happy to. have made good friends traveling this way, familiar face and place to come back to whenever visiting

  • What I would do is talk about it in a general way, without making a firm offer. If they are interested, they will initiate the conversation. If they are not interested, then it's better to know sooner. Ppl always like to feel that they come to the idea of their own accord.

  • Ppl always like to feel that they come to the idea of their own accord.

    Btw, this is why it is also advisable to make such talk in two parts. With one part being not very direct and second one much more so, but you must let them to spell it all out (from first talk). If pause is present people usually are absolutely sure that it is their idea.

  • Thank you all for the advice and I sent out an email since the owner wasn't in. A little nervous since this is a "cold call" so to speak but hopefully something will come of it.