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  • @johncaballero ....I'm certainly relieved ...whew...since you seem to be so connected to the powers that run this world , that you are so certain war between either russian or china, or both, isn't on the table. However world events seriously conflict with your opinion.

  • Amazing! I've read through the first 6-7 posts and Vitaliy's post is the most reasonable of all. :O


  • for the first time this is an open issue.

    Things are going to be hardcore in the next year. Massive mass arrests of politicians, and big families. This power groups has forgotten the force of the people

    Just lets all stay safe and don't risk to much

  • On Thursday, France's lower house of parliament nearly unanimously voted to extend the country's current state of emergency by three months. The state of emergency grants expanded powers to French security forces, including the ability to immediately place suspects under house arrest, conduct warrantless searches, and copy data from suspects' phones and computers. Lawmakers also passed an amendment that makes it easier for the government to unilaterally shut down any websites or social media accounts that "encourage" terrorism. The Senate will vote on the law Friday, and it is expected to pass.

    Who could have thought :-)

  • @endotoxic....whoaa, a little on the wishful thinking side aren't you ?

  • I wish it could be true.

    But i recognize when critical mass has reached a point. People are stupid yes, the can be pushed very hard, but my guts tell me this will change after this third world event. My prediction is this war wont last too much. It will be very hardcore very violent. And the aftermath will end on this arrests.

    I wish it was.

    Something its clear USA will loose. Russia will have no mercy on nuking New York, Russia has make this very clear over his lasts conferences.

    Its gods work to justice them, its my work to send them to him.

  • @endotoxic

    Try to make theory without Putin, ok?

  • Dont take it personal. I was just expresing my opinion. Could i ask why i cant?

    Sorry if i made a wrong mention.

  • Its gods work to justice them, its my work to send them to him.

    @endotoxic...whoaa...again ! ..actually he was talking about isis terrorist , not new yorkers ..and he's doing a pretty good job imho ...dispatching his justice ! Now when you get this science fiction screenplay written, post it , so we can have a critique !

  • ISIS / USA

    is the same

  • Let's not to make it into flame.

  • White House and congressional staffers have asked Silicon Valley executives for new talks in Washington, D.C., to resolve a standoff over encrypted communication tools in the wake of the Paris terrorist attacks, people familiar with the matter said.

    Interested thing here, as they already have access to major companies data, and actually whole point is to divert attention as they now want to ban encryption usage by smaller players located outside of bright new world.

  • Dont forget to mention the military states and set of new "RULES" from France and USA to its own population.

  • Europe’s remaining allied with the U.S. and participating in NATO, especially after having been instructed by America to lie, and to have deceived Russia, who behaved honorably throughout and afterward, is Europe’s great shame.

    And truth is Russia’s great case.

    The U.S. is, in fact, Europe’s enemy — not merely Russia’s enemy. Not merely the truth’s enemy. Not merely democracy’s enemy.


  • France considers blocking Tor and public Wi-Fi after Paris attacks

    Of course it must be the cause.


    Minister of defence talking about the relationship of royal family from Turkey and isis oil convoys heading to turkey. This has maps high ress images of refinery places and all the tactical knowlege for no more discution about USA and EU and Turkey being ISIS benefactors.


    On the other side This money goes directly from big bankers and specially HSBC who admited previosly funding terrorists. They pay the sanction several times before, so its nothing new. Also cashing BIG money for every KILLED PERSONEL UNDER ITS CONTRACT. They have special insurance that make the bank cash big money if the die. Living on other benefits make them signd this crazy insurance contract. There has been over 200 kiled bankers between 2013 a 2015. The mayority from HSBC. You can all investigate this.

  • Sometimes livig in an undeveloped country and have the luck of a good education makes you see things clearer and with no blindness from being influented by corrupted social manipulation from developed blind masses like USA.

  • According to leaked documents France's Ministry of Interior is considering two new proposals: a ban on free and shared Wi-Fi connections during a state of emergency, and measures to block Tor being used inside France.

    You think it is about some terrorists? Thing again.

    It is ruling preparing to clashes with workers, establishing laws and bans to quickly find and isolate leaders and prevent safe communication.