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Nebula 4200 - strange monster
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  • The packaging design of Nebula4200 has been initially presented! With the release of Nebula4200, our signature craftsmanship hardcase of Nebula4200 has been initially presented. The mold is still in the stage of testing, and the frosted surface design is still in progress, but we will bring in a more perfect finished product at last. Please stay tuned! Now let‘s see some spy photos of the craftsmanship hardcase.


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  • Another 4 axis thing

  • There's no joystick on the single handle?

  • @Avril_Lovin

    Is there a 1/4 thread on the 4200 Lite (to mount a monitor) and where is it? Thank you

  • @Avirl_Lovin, I really wish more videos of this 4200 can come out sooner so I can decide and see how it stacks up against the came-tv single that I am looking to buy. I am looking for something reliable, small, light and portable that I can use for my up coming trip to Africa in December. Trying to factor in time for order and delivery.

  • @chopnshoot Joystick as accessories sold separately.


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  • @HillTop1 Nebula4200 will be delivery at the end of this month, we will according to order date shipped. Then you could see more video about it. Our official video shooting in San Francisco, and it will be released soon.

  • @stip The 1/4 thread is in the joint of spring.

  • :( I don't think I'm savvy enough add that joystick if that's how it's delivered. That's a deal breaker for me. DS1 is the same price with a built in joystick.

  • @chopnshoot thanks for mentioning about the DS1. I didnt know about it. I have being waiting for this Nebula for too long that I was considering the came-tv single. Now I think it's gonna be the DS1 for me.

  • Came TV Single is still pretty attractive with the encoders. If it had a heavier load capacity like at least 1.5kg I'd get it without hesitation.

  • Yah, payload is an issue for me too with the came-tv single. I want to use more than a GH4 weight camera on it. Though the encoders are nice. I don't think what the encoders offers will be of much benefits to me.

  • I hope the packaging design of Nebula4200 is going to be more rugged than what I see in the pictures. It looks about as strong as my plastic file storage containers that fell apart after a few months of lite use. The product's accessories and packaging are just as important as the product itself if you want to attract loyal customers.

  • The spy photo of the package of Nebula4200. Waiting for a long time, according to order date shipped next week. image

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  • Sponsored by the IBM 360 fashion&tech show held in San Francisco City View today. Filmpower was invited as one of the six outstanding product companys. Filmpower brought Nebula4200 and ROXOR, which received worldwide attention and get high praise.

    image image image

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  • The first user has received Nebula4200 3-axis gimbal, users can't wait to sent out of the open-box figure.




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  • Japanese dealer of Filmpower will take part in Inter BEE Online, they will show Nebula4200 5-axis gimbal, the users who attend shows can go to the booth to try the new gimbal. Booth address: No.4 Hall 4502


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  • Ordered the Beholder DS-1 instead.

  • @rzxrey As a result of the Nebula4200 structure is more complex, and we are responsible for the customers, so we took a long time to test the new gimbal. Product has now been in the shipment according to the pre-orders. The video will be more and more about Nebula4200. Nebula4200 Lite was presented in Fotomassan2015(Stockholm, Sweden). The links below is shooting video.

  • Japanese dealer attend Inter BEE 2015, they will show Nebula4200 5-axis gimbal.



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  • Awful video!!! This video is a very bad advertising for Filmpower

  • I agree with paglez. Very bad video :-(

  • Probably the reason why they are not releasing test videos.

  • It looks like operator forgot to turn it on.