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What new camera setup should I push for?
  • Ok, so I work for a very small, very low budget production company, and our gear at this point is very minimal and I consider it grossly outdated. (Right now we mostly shoot with a Panasonic hmc150, my personal gh2 with the kit lens and a couple of adapted primes, and a canon xa10). But after some prodding I think I'm slowly working my way toward getting my boss to make a serious investment in gear for the first time since the age of the dvx100B... Now, what's everyone's opinion on a good camera system for us to invest in? At first glance of my favorites list he likes the Ursa mini, personally I think it's too much camera for us at this point... We're low on storage as it is with super compressed avchd files. And we currently use SD cards as archive of our footage like in the tape days. (Can't exactly do that with C-fast cards!) Dvx 200 would be by far the most familiar territory, and fit my bosses run n gun shooting style, but I think we both prefer the option to change lenses. My vote goes to the fs5 but my boss has some unexplained beef with Sony from way back in the day so it may take some convincing. Thoughts?

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  • 1) How does your boss like shooting run & gun with a DSLR? Yes: interchangeable lens camera (ILC) No: Fix lens zoom on camcorder style body (DVX200…?)

    2) Are smooth zooms a concern? Yes: DVX200 (I suppose) No: ILC

    3) Is he willing to buy more storage space? or Maybe archive files out to BluRay Disc (not sure how archival that would be..) If no stick with a 50-100mbs or less camera.

    4) Is low light performance a concern? YES: ILC No: DVX200 or similar

    5) Are you looking for an A camera only or an A cam and something scaled down as a B camera. Ex: GH4 + G7

    URSA mini, does he know what he's getting himself in for $ wise? Wolfcrow did some good cost comparisons to different cameras awhile back. I don't know how accurate the prices are at this moment.


    URSA Mini 4.6K: Price per hour of 4K non-RAW @24p CFast $6.25/GB 1hr = $2,417

    PS: A year ago a friend upgraded from a HDV Z1 to an AF-100 (24p and built in NDs!) and loves it for his corporate work, because it's good enough for what he shoots. If he needs something better he rents it.

  • Right now My bosses shooting style completely fits with a DVX, whenever I'm shooting with my gh2 he asks (can you zoom in with that lens for a tight shot?) He hasn't shot video with a dslr himself as he's stepped into more of a client relations/sales/director role and he comes from a news background. If he were to grab a camera to shoot with right now it would def be the hmc. But perhaps his interest in a camera like the Ursa mini is a sign he wants to change that....He said he could invest 10 to 15 grand into a new system. Personally, because they actually have a couple of servo zoom interchangeable options I like Sony, but like I said he has some grudge from back in the beta cam days...I think we could get a couple of fs5s or an FS5 and an a7ii or somthing for the price of outfitting an Ursa and having enough recording media...The JVC cam is also an option...I just want somthing, and I think I'd love an Ursa mini, but we would need a whole new workflow compared to what it is now...

  • The Af100 is a great deal right now, but considering I might not get another upgrade in the camera department for a decade unless I buy it myself I think more future proof is the way to go :)

  • Let us know what you decide. I too would like to upgrade sometime.

  • The JVC seems like a good option for your boss if you throw a 14-140mm and a 100-300mm (or the new 100-400) in the kit.

  • We ended up deciding to lease about 20 grand worth of equipment. We're getting an fs5 with the kit lens, the rokinon 14,24,35,50,and 85 with speed-booster ultra (and an inexpensive dumb adapter) an a7sII with the 24-240 an the 55mm f1.8 We're also getting an edelkrone slider with their action and target modules and a dji ronin. As someone who's had to make due with low-budget equipment for the majority of my career this is very exciting!!! I hope we don't have any major issues with the fs5 like a few are reporting. At least Sony acknowledged the complaints and seems interested in fixing any problems.

  • Sounds like Christmas came very early this year...good choices, I would say

  • @matticusmaximus Sounds like some good choices.

    Please let us know how the fs5 with the kit lens (18-105) works out for you. There doesn't seem to be a great zoom lens for the FS7/5, yet….

  • An unlocked G7 or a GH4 is a simple upgrade for your GH2.