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GH4 Firmware 2.3, V-log for $99, Epic Panasonic marketing fail
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  • @RRRR what happens when you shoot a grey or cream colored wall/background?

  • C'mon Panny just make V-Log work well at least. No more artifacts

  • I'm not having any of these problems, so maybe some things to consider:

    • log is a film format. So maybe it's designed only for film style setting and 32 bit workflows.

    • my camera was set with my settings for Cine-D, on my Cine D profile WHILE I loaded V-log, and saved to C1. [CineD (-5, -2,-5,-5,0) Contrast curve #2 (S+2, H-2)]

    • internal system clock set to 24fps

    • recording in UHD 24p 100mps

    Don't know if any of these make any difference at all, but I'm having no banding or blocking issues, at all.

  • @aaron

    "only" shades of grey here, though externally recorded to Odyssey 7q+ (which I think only records 8 bit? if I remember the specs correctly). Looking closely there's a bunch of blocking in the sky. I didn't see it in the grade since I took it to where it's supposed to be (rather light).

    1000 x 1500 - 281K
  • @shian, what film settings are you using? I've tried Cineon, and the Varicam LUT

    @RRRR I see some of the magent/cyan blocking when adding a LOG curve. It's less noticeable since the street is further away, but still there.

  • I don't think the varicam LUT is entirely correct for gh4 footage? The gh4 clips hard at 80% while the varicam, judging from it's curve has a bit of a soft knee but it's not there in the gh4 footage. You need a custom curve IMO. 4 stops over 50, 6-7 under, you need to make a rather dark exposure.

  • Another banding example shot with V-Log. @driftwood is this an issue in your shots?

    gh4 v-log banding issue.jpg
    1920 x 1080 - 1M
  • I'm using a custom LUT that I built. Working on 4 more for various uses.

  • @RRRR I'm testing with Film Convert now and it seems to hide it better. Using the Alexa LogtoRec709 setting.

    @tedbrah I only had banding like that while using the Cineon Converter in Premiere which turned out to be 8 bits instead of 32. Haven't seen it in the sky since.

  • @shian could you post a graded V-Log image with something like the sky that has a very gradual gradient? And maybe a scene that requires very high dynamic range?

  • @aaronchicago anxious to watch your filmconvert/alexa footage :)

  • @blazer003 make that question to the author of the video.

  • @tedbrah - patience. There's some stuff coming that'll blow yer mind... I'm doing this on the side, while working on stuff for clients, they take precedence. But yes, I'm putting it through rigorous testing. high DR blue sky, gray and white walls, you name it.

  • @tedbrah, @aaronchicago Ah! that's the issue! 8 bit reading. Here's a still from the same footage as before, through AE, 32 bit with and without curve applied! (Mind, there were absolutely no discernible artifacts in AE, the small stuff that is there came from PS -> jpg)

    32BITComp 1 (
    1421 x 1152 - 247K
    32BITComp 1 (
    1403 x 1152 - 323K
  • My view is evolving in regards to V-Log. There is a learning curve when exposing with this camera, but you can get some really pretty stuff, even if it's 8bit.

  • With the good feedback about V-log, I just bit the bullet and purchased a GH4.

    I've been so happy with my GH2. Anytime I was unhappy with the footage from the hacked GH2, it was not the cameras fault. Lighting/exposure was wrong, camera not properly stabilized, wrong shutter speed, WB issues, lots of mistakes along the way. But when the light was right and the camera was set up right, it delivered beautifully. I'm most looking forward to the increased dynamic range and detail.

    This was shot on the GH2 with the Moon T7 hack and it was shot in 720p to over crank for slow motion.

    I love the way it looks but feel its probably time to step up my game and get a GH4.

    Thanks personal-view gang for all the education and entertainment along the way.

  • @RRRR what do you mean 8-bit reading? I always edit in 32-bit in AE but still tons of banding.

  • Do you have a snippet of footage you can send?

  • Can someone please record a test video for me in V-Log L and upload it for me? I'll use it to test a V-Log to linear transform, and to show the best exposure setting in V-Log after exposure compensation. There's a little extra detail, so please PM me if you'd like to volunteer.

    I need the same scene shot at 7 different exposure levels: a normal exposure, 1-3 stops underexposed, and 1-3 stops overexposed. Use ISO 2000 and start with Standard photo style. Adjust the shutter and aperture until the image looks properly exposed. Switch to V-Log L, but leave the ISO at 2000 and don't change the aperture or shutter. Then increase the shutter speed by 3 stops, and then start recording, letting it record for a few seconds at that shutter speed. Then do this 6 times: decrease the shutter speed by 1 stop, and let it record for a few more seconds at the new shutter speed.

    The bit rate and resolution don't matter. Please note the luma range setting. (from what I've read, in V-Log L, there is no choice: it's unavailable and listed as 0-255 in the menu)

    As a point of comparison, it would be really nice to have the same scene and the same 7 exposure levels recorded with Standard photo style, 16-255 luma, ISO 160. (exposure should be increased by 3 and 2/3 stops to account for the ISO difference) Since I already have a transform for Standard 16-255 to linear, I can process the V-Log and Standard images identically, to call out any differences between them. (e.g., to show exactly the banding introduced by V-Log L in 8 bits)

  • That's the other weird thing, On my cam I can't access NR or saturation or anything in V-log.

  • You're not supposed to be able to change color or contrast settings in the camera when using V-Log. V-Log's gamut and transfer function are fixed.

    But noise reduction should be available.

  • That's what I thought, so how are those idiots over at DVXuser changing their settings? Unless of course they are experiencing the same bug you guys are... those options are greyed out for me and I'm having no issues.

  • Shian did you save as custom profile or as c1 on dial at top

  • And it says you have vlog active in menu? Guide says to save to custom picture profile:-)