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Gh2: Slower than 1/25 shutter speed "problem"
  • Hello! I need a patch that would allow me to record 24fps/25fps at slower shutter speeds than 1/25. I did it without a problem with the original firmware but with I can´t find the way with the lastests patchs I´ve installed (MOON-T7 and SPIZZ). I am sure it is my problem, but a little help would be very welcome.

    (This is my first post, i am a spanish videographer and English is still a barrier for me....excuse me. Anyway, thanks so much to all the PV comunity...I learn everyday)

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  • IIRC, you have to put the camera on MF and choose a manual exposure mode, to access those shutter speeds.

    I know, I know, it doesn't make any sense, yet... it's the way it works.

  • OMG.... it works!!! it was the manual focus!!!! Zanks so much Duartix, it would take me countless time to figure it out! Super!

  • Sorry if I post in this thread, I hope not to be OT but in my GH2 with Flow Motion V2.2. I use as a hobby, not a professional video, but I can not figure out how to enter the menu to set the shutter speed to 1/25 !!!! I saw the manual but I can not understand how to do, sorry but I'm ashamed to say. Could someone help me? thank you

  • If you want to set shutter speed to 1/25 you can do so on Movie mode (right dial set to Movie mode) and you shoud be abe to dial shutter speed down o 1/25

  • film mode. shutter speed is on top. touch it. select.

  • make sure it is working in manual focus...otherwise you can have problems (very strange bug)..duartix was right: For example I could do this experimental piece thanks to him:

  • thank you all very kind of you

  • Skyhook very impressive. How is it related to the bug ? Would you share the process you used ? Best

  • Thank you suzres. Excuse me if I repeat myself: the non-hacked gh2 allows you to use slower than 1/25 sec. shutter you can do this short of "timelapses" conformed to 24p for example. In some of the latest hacks (correct me if I am wrong) there is a "bug" that does not permit to get these lower speeds UNLESS you work in manual focus mode (very weird indeed).

    In my Ted.x work I made a very simple methaphore and tried to translate in "liquid movements" the creative chaos that impact the audience during these type of cultural journeys. Technically, it is just a double layer of these fluxes at very low speeds with an "accelerate" edition in order to have a more fluid motion cadence.I mean: there is no grading or effects, just the superposition, and the black and white is made in camera.

  • Thank you so much and congratulations again for this beautiful work. I am using Flowmotion 2. I'll check it out soon. Best

  • thanks to you for watching it!

    (I was using moonT7, by the way) best

  • It works with Flowmotion2 :-)

  • Great!! :-)