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Here's your chance to ask Panasonic your questions!
  • Hey everyone!

    On September 9th, two representatives from Panasonic Japan will be visiting the Canadian Panasonic headquarters to view the facility and we have arranged for them to answer some questions from the online community!

    Mr. Sawada, Director of DSC Imaging Group and Mr. Katayama who is head of Marketing for the Americas group will be answering your questions and taking your feature requests!

    Please comment with your questions and requests ans they will be presented to them on the 9th. Answers will be posted in an interview style article and on the forum so stay tuned in the following weeks for the replies!

    Please keep all questions and requests civil and to the point and refrain from technical troubleshooting and complaints as these can be addressed by contacting Panasonic directly.

    Ask away!

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  • I would like to know if there´s something planned like an 14-60mm F4 (or similar). ^^
    (So: Something more robust with wider range, weather sealing and constant apertue.)

    Why? Because most of the Panasonic 4/3 lenses are too weakly build (and prone to dust) ...
    (Especially the new 14-140mm F3.5-5.6 and also the latest version of the 14-42mm II ASPH.)
    There are the (quite good) 12-35 and 35-100 F2.8 lenses - Sure.
    But those suffer from micro jitters again ...

    To be honest there´s no flawless constant aperture zoom on the market (with OIS built in).
    (It would be great to have at least ONE flawless and NATIVE lens-option ...)

  • Similar to @Tscheckoff, I would like to know if they will revive something similar to Panaleica 14-50mm f2.8-3.5 with OIS and weather proof body for micro 43 bodies. It should be small enough. A bit bigger compared to 12-35mm f2.8 is still acceptable. I would buy one if the price is right.

    It might be ridiculous, but I wish they will remove encryption from their firmware to some extent for we could determine what kind of things that we want to do to our Lumix. I really want they upgrade GX7 firmware to enable in body stabilizer even though if it is only for 720p video mode.
  • I would like to know if Panasonic are planning to bring out more paid features to GH4, additonal to V-Log-L.

  • Does the GH4 get the "Post Focus feature" from the GX8? If I understand it right, it is some sort of burst focus bracketing and would work great for collecting a quick set of focus stack photos for live macro work.

  • 5-axis IBIS. Better low light.

  • GH4 new firmware : a) erase 30min rec time for eu model. b) since the made the anamorphic firmware they forgot to add desqueeze to the display (1.33-1.5-1.75-2x). c) To be able to load luts in display for achieving a correct exposure with v-log

  • Question: With the future of cameras now depending on Firmware Updates and the input of the community - How is the best way to get your ideas/feature requests to the decision makers at Panasonic in regards to the Lumix range of cameras and accessories, contacting a technical support agent, provides a means, however there is no follow up to see if your idea/request actually made to to someone in the Lumix team.

  • One simple question. Why do Panasonic cameras not have Auto ISO with manual exposure compensation control in manual mode for both movies and stills? It is the ideal way to shoot stills and video with automatic ISO adjustment and still maintain manual control over Aperture, Shutter Speed, and Exposure Compensation.

    Panasonic’s competition offers this so they should be able to offer it as well.

  • Another question along the same lines.

    Why don't they have an upper and lower shutter speed limit for the Auto ISO feature? We should be able to define what range of shutter speeds we want the Auto ISO feature to try and maintain along with the max ISO value you can already set.

  • One last question.

    Will they ever consider bringing back the old flicker reduction setting for Program Priority mode? That setting allows you to fix the shutter speed at 1/120 of a second for both stills and videos. That is ideal especially since 1/120 is not a shutter speed you can select from the normal control dial.

    The control dial only allows 1/125 which is not ideal for 60p video and the 1/(2x shutter speed) rule.

  • Would it be valid ask if we can have V-LOG in the GX7?

  • Will Panasonic implement sensor-width scaling to reduce the crop size while shooting 4K video on future GH cameras? How about 5K video from the new 20 Mp GX8 sensor? Thanks.

  • Will 4:2:2 and 10bit internal recording come in the GH5? Will there be an HDR recording in video possible soon?

  • as @mpgxsvcd stated, the auto ISO in full manual mode should be super simple to allow... I really think this was some sort of oversight - other cameras can do this just fine with weaker processors and hardware. I have wanted this since the GH1. In regards to the comment about 1/120th sec shutter speed. You can do this on the GH4. If you enable Syncro scan, you can adjust your shutter speed by an increments of .3.

  • I would like to ask

    1. when will panasonic cameras have option for 2,35:1 displaying / cropmarks
    2. will there be any paid updates for gh4? like Internal 3D LUTs? internal 10bit recording?
  • 2.will there be any paid updates for gh4? like Internal 3D LUTs? internal 10bit recording

    Where will be paid update with 2.35 crop marks, $50 :-) Could not resist, sorry.

  • And for another $50 you can make the crop marks pink :) Sorry, I couldn't resist either!

  • And for another $50 you can make the crop marks pink

    Thanks, almost forgot.

    Btw, question from young generation of shooters:

    How soon we will see more proper cameras from Panasonic (who do not know - PROPER camera must be pink, but real pink, not any red or magenta tint, it also helps to add some little shiny particles in the paint)? Does not Panasonic already severely break equity laws by not offering them?

  • Ask them to make all cameras "hackable"/reprogrammable" to foster innovation from the user base, as was seen with the GH2. Perhaps an argument could be made that it might increase interest in Panasonic cameras and also increase their users brand loyalty to Panasonic.

  • will the GX8 receive some paid firmware features as well? Like V-LOG, RAW HDMI output, DCI 4k?

  • @matt_gh2 we can but ask. Just think of the support issues if the camera is hacker intended?! At least with the GH2 there was no support - so no problems if you bricked it. (not that that ever happened- or wasn't there one guy on these forums somewhere??!)

  • "AF200" 4K to compete with JVC LS300? (I know... unlikely, but I'd still like to ask.)

  • Why have you stopped marketing in Latin America, and why don't we start again?

  • Completely agree with the AutoISO functionality. Its sorely missed for what I do. Especially if it was a gradual 'gain' more than 1/3 stop jumps