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14 Camera Moire Shootout
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  • LX100 and BMPC look like winners in this contest, not blurring out all the details but showing very little moire.

    I guess the GH4 would have performed just as the LX100 did.

    One thing we don't know, of course, is whether and how downscaling from 4k was done, and that of course can make a lot of difference.

  • The scaling could influence this, true, but you can still filter moire without blurring details, since the moire is generally going to be in the color signal and your detail is in the luma signal.

    This is a good indicator of the baseline issue you might be dealing with though and/or shooting situations to avoid or prepare for.

  • Nice shootout. I like that the LX-100 looked sharp and moire free. We are getting a lot of good tools from Panasonic.

    TO my amazement I got some moire on the GH4 in UHD 4k mode on something I just finished editing (I unfortunately had to shoot & edit it) lol.

    I didn't think it was possible, but, here's the proof. Even now looking at it a week later, I had a hard time seeing it, I had to look for it, it doesn't jump out at you. It only happened at a particular focal length, which I didn't stick to for very long. Otherwise, this kid's suit gave me no problems at all.

    Shot in CineD & sharpening turned all the way down. Lens was a Panasonic 14-45 at ca. f5.6 That might have been where the extra sharpening came from… If memory serves, the Panny lenses turn on some extra sharpening (I think the test I saw was with a GH2 though).

    This is a screen grab of a portion of the 4k frame at 100% size.image

    GH4 moire.jpg
    1270 x 1173 - 208K
  • Interesting thing to mitigate moire, just remember, you see moire in real life with naked eye. Saw a bit today while installing a screen window.