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  • I'm looking for a panasonic gh2, anyone have one they want to sell? If you have a cheap decent lens, I would buy that too. I'm thinking manual prime 50mm nikkor?

    The hacks developed here have piqued my interest. I'm a filmmaker -- still in school, and looking for an affordable way to shoot beautiful footage.

    Hopefully you can help me out. Otherwise I'll keep shooting on my panasonic hdc-sd60 (cheap consumer camcorder).

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  • Where are you? I sold one of mine to a soon to be exfriend, that's about to be repossessed

  • I'll sell you mine. GH2 body with 2 batteries, charger, and Lumix 14-42mm for $400 (including US shipping). Let me know if your interested.

  • Still a great little cam.

  • I'm located in Chicago.