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  • A few words on stealing.....

    EDIT: go to 30:28 for how they reverse engineered the PC rom bios. I put the time code in the youtube link but it didn't translate.

    Now granted, I'm not remotely a legal expert, but I have benefited from stealing. If Apple and the PC clone makers hadn't stolen what they did....the PC revolution would be a lot different. And yeah, I can understand it sucks when you're on the receiving end of the "theft", but as a consumer who's benefited from Apple and other companies wallet is grateful.

  • My new movie with SLR Magic Rangefinder :)

  • Is the rangefinder kind of like a variable closeup filter? I bought a cheap variable closeup filter +1 to +10 , and seems to do the trick for close focus ..but it was a tiny thing, thus lots of vignetting

  • The Rangefinder is working from around 1 meter to infinity, and no vignetting on my 35mm lens, at least in 4k

  • @Sebfarges ,does it reduce the close focus distance, for example i have a 2x anamorphic that can focus as close as 3.5 ft , will adding the rangefinder cut that in half? when will this be available?

  • I pre-ordered. Anyone recieved theirs yet?

  • Received 2 notices from Adorama that its still on somewhere it should start shipping end of Sept.

  • Here are some screenshots. Hopefully I get a video up too, so folks can see focus pulls. I does breathe, but not obnoxiously, it's fairly subtle. It flares big blue "bokeh" flares, which rob the Kowa of some of its ability to flare horizontally, but what can ya do? the ability to quickly focus far outweighs any minor faults with this thing. Overall, it is high quality and it worked wonders on my projection anamorphic setup. There's a longer writeup on my setup and the Rangefinder in the flickr album description: