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Blank Gun and Squibs!
  • For an upcoming film I'm working on it will require some blood and guns, Tarantino style. I wanted to know if anyone had any experience with squibs and blank guns? Previously we used real weapons with empty magazines and had the actors act out the recoil, but seeing films with blank weapons has sparked my interest. I know blank guns can be extremely dangers, references Brandon Lee, but I would love to get some input. As far as squibs go, I've tried the same technique that Director Gareth Evans used in "The Raid" but I can't get them to really explode to make it believable.

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  • I don't know much but heard a story from a guy who was working on an ultra low budget film where they used pellet guns. They were filming outdoors, and even though their pellet guns had orange tips, a policeman, who didn't know what they were doing, ended up drawing his weapon on them. No shots fired, nobody hurt, but moral of story is make sure to coordinate with local police if feasible. If that's not feasible, do your gun scenes indoors where you control the environment.

    Re squibs, I'm sure you could reach out to some professional shops in L.A. (or maybe even NYC) who handle this type of thing, and get some advice. Good luck with film.

  • @matt_gh2 Thanks man and we actually had a situation where some nearby campers saw our weapons. Coincidentally they carried weapons as well so they were real friendly and of course asked about what we were filming. Everyone carries in my parts so seeing a gun doesn't really draw attention which is great!

  • Both are dangerous if misused. If you don't have an armorer and or, are not an active shooter/handloader....stick with empty or replica guns. I use real guns, have shot all my life, handload...yadda, yadda, yadda....and still use an armorer.

  • Cool. Yeah that one was shot in state that doesn't allow open carry.

  • Probably best to just use toy guns and add the gunfire in post IMHO. Be mindful of police though; maybe let them know beforehand in case the neighbors think there's armed robbery taking place There's gunshot sample packs available for purchase, if not for free downloads also

  • @Matt_gh2 come to Va. Open carry is welcome everywhere.

  • @peternap Yeah, funny how every state is different.

  • sorry, not sure if this is helpful. but it's a behind the scenes look at filming war action scenes, so thought it might be relevant. and i think it was filmed in a paintball place.