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SoderbergFilms Lens Shootout Round I
    • Zeiss Ultra Primes
    • Kowa Anamorphics
    • Kowa Prominar Spericals
    • Zeiss Mark II Super Speeds
    • Cooke S2 Speed Panchros
    • Lomo T2.3 Sphericals
    • Zeiss Rollei/Jena
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  • Not surprisingly, to myself, I liked the look of the Zeiss, then Cooke as far as spherical goes. A-D-F-E in order of preference based on rendering and bokeh. The ugly bokeh killed it for me with the Prominar and Lomo.

  • Yeah the bokeh on the Zeiss was most appealing to my eye and I cringed at some of the other ones in comparison, but the Zeiss were some of my least favorite in terms of flare. It all depends on what look you're going for and what your priority is.

  • Personally, A and D 1st and 2nd easily, but I must admit I kind of like the character of the Lomo spherical for 3rd.