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Driftwood Cluster X Series 4:│Moon T8│Spizz T7
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  • New showreel, the vast majourity was shot on the hacked GH2, if I remember correctly it was Moon T8

  • @peternap and @matt_gh2, thank you both very much for the suggestions! Much appreciated!!

  • Hi everyone,

    I am getting new 64GB 95mb/s Extreme Pro cards and noticed that now they sell the U3 and U1 versions. Is there any difference between these for Moon T7 on GH2? As in, can the GH2 write well on the newer U3? or does it have to be exclusively U1 type?


  • The new U3 cards have extra contacts on the back, so the GH2 probably can't write on them.

  • Save the money! Buy Extreme, not ExtremPro

  • Actually price difference is only $10, so assuming the Extreme Pro still works in GH2, then I would get the Extreme Pro as that can be the difference between a higher bitrate hack setting working or not. Here's link that has both cards. Anybody know conclusively if the newer cards work or not?

  • Hi Matt and ilia,

    Thanks for replying.

    I am using Moon T7 exclusively so I really need the speed. Yes, I read that Extreme may be enough but from most of the literature it would appear to be hat the 64GB 95mbps Extreme Pro not only spans, but is also the most reliable and I need that reliability. That being said, in Germany, where I am buying them, there is no price difference between U3 and U1 so, like Matt, I do wonder whether the U3 will definitely not/or will work on the GH2. Even if the speed is still same as the U1 card on thee GH2, my concern is about having a future proof card that I can use with other cams in the future (especially since many 4K cams appear to be partial toward U3)

    Also, I am trying to find Moon T5 so I can try and compare between the two (T7 and T5) but I can't find a T5 download anywhere. Anyone give me a hand, please?

    Thank you all

  • Go to the first driftwood cluster x series with moon. It has downloads of moon t3-t7 on first page.

    Also I did my own comparison for image quality for moon t4 and moon t8. I saw no difference or reason to not use t8.

  • @hexagonal Maybe try calling Sandisk to see if they'll give you definitive answer re U3 vs U1.

    EDIT: Here's the chat link to Sandisk - they open in a few hours. If I remember, I'll ask them today.

  • Hi Matt,

    Thanks for the link. It's PDT time (I am GMT now) so they will open soon. I'll have a chat with them and see what they say.


  • Manicd,

    You said you compared T4 to T8. Why would you prefer either of those to, say T5 or T7? I read that T5 is more grainy, sharper than T7 and I was wondering whether at high ISOs I would get a better "grainy" response from T5 and a sharper image than T7 which has a bit of macro blocking still.

  • @matt_gh2

    So, Had a word with SanDisk. I got no real answer from the person I spoke. Rather, I got the more standard "We tested the compatibility and it is compatible" type of thing.

    I got given this link which tells us what we know. U1 cards work.

    That being said, the main question couldn't be answered by the person I spoke to so I am waiting for an email from soneone higher up, I guess. The rep I was chatting didn't get that what I was looking for was whether: 1) the U3 card can work with a pre-U1 camera and if so 2) at what speed?

    Seemed like he/she understood whether U3 can be backward compatible with U1... but we are going one extra generation of speed specs back (and maybe hardware and firmware related too)

    So...will be back!

  • @hexagonal Cool - thanks!

  • @hexagonal I only tested T4 and T8 because someone else did a comparison of the different moons with screen shots showing T4 as being a hair better than T5 in shadows. Although my testing showed me nothing helpful or different between T4 and T8. The patches react differently to every scene and test. So it's best to do your own testing. You may find that T5 is the best for you. Who knows. I personally have not made my mind up about any of the patches.

    About the SD cards...

    U3 and U1 just means minimum sustained speeds. U3 and U1 are classes of the UHS Buses, which the GH2 does not use. Although UHS is still backwards compatible. It will just run at slower speeds - SDXC class 10 rating (If card is rated at class 10).

    UHS-II has max Bus speed of 312MB. This is the card you want for future proof. It has an entire new row of pins.

    UHS-I has max Bus speed of 104MB.

    GH2 uses standard SDXC which is 25MB. Actual camera max speed is 23MB and 184bitrate sustained.

    UHS-II U3 card will work with the GH2 fine. Although there is no guarantee it can provide 23mb sustained in SDXC mode. At least make sure the card is class 10 rated. It would show the number 10 inside a circle. This would mean they tested the card to work and guarantee 10MB minimum speeds when using only SDXC and not UHS bus.

    You will have to be guinea pig to test UHS-II reliability with GH2 patches. Although I see no reason for it to not work correctly and work at full camera speeds.

    770 x 180 - 16K
  • @manicd @matt_gh2,

    I guess that's whats going to happen...I'll get a U3 card and see what happens. I'm going to try T5 and T7 (current one installed) and see how long the recording goes to. If it goes until the battery is dead, then we know we have a winner. So, according to this image:

    The card still has UHS I specs, but U3 speed, right?

    So this card should work with the GH2 as the U1 one does.

    What it means is that, if in the future I want to use an AX100 or similar partial camera to U3, then I would be covered at least until then.

    Could this be that maybe its just a certification and not any FW or HW difference at all?

    Well...I'll see what Sandisk say first, then order it and see and get back to you all about all of this!

    Now time to get into researching the Tascam recorders I need. Looking at DR-70D or DR-60DmkII. Anyone have experience with the DR-70D if it has a lot of handling noise when you record with the built-in mics? Thinking of having that "wingspan" as handle for the GH2 doing double recording of the built-in mics and feeding a shotgun at the same time.

  • B&H is a good vendor for this. I had to return a U3 card from a different company because even though it was certified with the GH4, it just did not work at all with a hacked GH2. (Still not clear on how that could be.)

    Point is, try the U3 and if it's a no-go, you should be fine returning it.

  • @Jim_Simon What card was it? Do you remember if it was listed as class 10? It would have a 10 with a circle on the card.

    The new UHS-II and some UHS-I U3 appear to not all have class 10 rating. So those without class 10 rating may not work well with GH2 patches.

  • @Jim_Simon

    I am using Amazon, because I am in the UK. Could the U3 card you had have the UHS II thing that @Manicd mentioned?

  • @hexagonal

    Use appropriate topics for cards discussion, we have ones.

  • Frankly nothing else to discuss besides cards as moon T9 has been announced near completion twice, last time was 25th of march.

  • @Vitaliy_Kiselev

    Apologies. I didn't think I was stepping out the line here.

    So, @matt_gh2 and @Manicd, I have now placed SanDisk's answer here:

    What was that about moon T9 @Frame?

  • @Garder

    Is that GH2 footage you're grading? If so, what patch? Nice work, mate.