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Poor Philip Bloom
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  • If they post this on Facebook , sorry, I can only doubt . If something like this would happen to me , I would have reported him to the police and called in a psychater under some circumstances . But I never would have told it in public forums . This smacks of revenge.

  • ...In all likelihood the women are telling the truth, which is very sad (that they were abused). The alternative possibility is just scary to think about.

  • @Angry_C Well in her story, the police took Sara to a hotel, so at some point she must have gone to the police...

  • Original post edited because my input will have no bearing on this situation for those involved... we should just be careful with what we put out in the world without facts.

  • Pretty obvious. Confirmed my suspicion . After 5 years they noticed that Philip is quite famous and gather with this story likes diligently. That's just my opinion.

  • All I have to go by are the stories that each side told. After reading both of them Pbloom's story sounds more plausible.

  • There is always two sides. How bout those cameras though?

  • You just have to read the first accuser talk about her life story and you immediately sense something is not quite right. And according to Philip Bloom's version of events it certainly sounds like somebody who might not be quite right. There are far too many mentally unstable people out there, women and men, and we have to know their whole history before believing anything and everything they write and say, especially in FB!

  • all those cameras laying around, you'd think the exploits would be well documented. I agree with Bloom, it should have remained private.

  • A few years ago I remember PB's Twitter account seemed to be briefly overtaken by someone else - what seemed at the time to be a jilted/angry girlfriend. I noticed the tweets at the time which PB subsequently took down and apologized for. Nothing specific comes to mind, just that they were clearly written out of anger and frustration and referenced relationship stuff, not abuse. Does anyone else remember that?

    Otherwise I don't really have an opinion on this story, PB's statement seems believable to me but so does Collaton's FB post. It's a really scary world we live in where this kind of stuff is swiftly decided in the court of public opinion and people generalizing from their own biases and agendas rather than in a court of law. I don't really know a way to get around it, but it's truly frightening how far reaching the effects of a mere accusation are now.

  • If Philip Bloom feels he is the victim of a defamatory statement and he has suffered harm, financial or emotional, then he has no other recourse but the courts. Without a clear , impartial, court decision, this episode will remain a "he said, she said " event. Then Philip Bloom runs the distinct risk of an internet-fueled public shaming , which has ruined many a career and life in an era of the enormous, and un-eresable digital footprint

  • @Dkane I hope you never get on the wrong end of an admitted pill-popping, suicidal girlfriend. If you had any real sense you would probably realize that type of person needs serious help rather than a massive defamation lawsuit thrown at her. I realize that would give you some closure in all this (maybe that's the most important thing for you), but WTF does that kind of action say about the person initiating it?

    Bloom does not appear to be taking the bait, so perhaps this useless drama will finally end.

  • I do agree that Facebook is not the right place to make such accusations.

    If this girls finds enough courage to accuse her ex of abuse why doesnt' she do it in a court, where her words are taken much more seriously?

    So that makes me think of three options:

    • she doesn't want justice but public revenge

    • she's gone crazy with that story and doesn't think wisely her moves

    • everything is untrue and this is a bad mediatic attack by someone

    The only thing that makes the latter option not realistic is the sudden reaction of Kessler Crane, removing every PB branded product from their store and announcing the interruption of the cooperation: they were long time friends, so if they act like that after a FB post there must be something true...

  • Read the response... WHOA!!!! Hope everybody who leapt in a split second to take them at face value are now kicking themselves and will resolve to in future never abuse a man on such flimsy basis.

    Real life is messy, let's try to resist judging either and just let them each get on with their life as they wish.

  • But timing is perfect, this is that add doubt in me.

  • Vitaliy_Kiselev> Well, number of views show that people are interested :-)

    Actually the title of the thread is extremely vague.

    Anyone who thinks that what Bloom does is interesting will have a look

    Doesn't necessarily mean they enjoy reading it though

  • @bannedindv

    What is this doing here?

  • @vitaliy_kiselev - proposing that perhaps P.B.'s Cats may have infected him with Mind Control Virus causing a personality change.

  • @Tifose - did you read Bloom's reply? According to him, she threatened him with a knife. Maybe Full Stop for you, but not for me. I have been in a relationship with this kind of abusive woman, except my crazy one never threatened violence, so I resisted the very powerful desire to strike out in the heat of anger. But had she gotten physical or threatened me with a weapon, someone would probably have gotten hurt. I have never struck a woman, but after my encounter, I certainly understand how someone could. If you have never encountered this kind of abusive person, you cannot imagine what you will or won't do. You find out things about yourself that you would rather not have known.

  • jeez...the only thing poor Phil is guilty of is following his dixk and not his brain...i.e. a poor chooser. But it's fuxking amazing how this civilization is becoming anything but. You scream at a woman, and it's physical abuse and woman are against gays adopting children and you're a gay're for the palestinians and you're antisemitic ...and on and on their merry-go-round of political incorrectness goes. I hope Phil learns to be a better chooser of women, because these examples show he has a tendency to choose badly !

  • So I've seen (so far) two women come forward to say that PB abused them and a number of people here instantly insist that she's a liar and doing it for personal gain.

    Then after PB loses a sponsor and puts out a press release saying that he didn't do it and those same people instantly believe everything he's saying despite that he has presented no more evidence than she has.

    Keeping it classy, PV folks.

    For the record, I don't have any reason to believe or disbelieve either of them and I continue to think it's a matter for the courts to decide based on actual evidence rather than a bunch of people on an Internet forum (with absolutely no access to any sort of real evidence) to postulate about.

  • @eatstoomuchjam but you do seem to believe the women.

    Because, there are also people who calling PB a liar en believes everything the women has to say. (but you ignore this scenario?)

    For my, i don't know. I just want to hold al the scenario's open till something is proven.

  • Actually, someone is (or should be) innocent until proven guilty. So at this point, PB is innocent until it's proven otherwise. 'Keeping all scenario's open' is close but not quite the same since that would mean that every unproven scenario is open: did PB (or you, or me) kill JFK? did PB (or you, or me) film a fake moon landing in a garage?