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Poor Philip Bloom
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  • You really expect guys to wade through defamatory cr_p like this? Unlike Facebook addicts, some of us have lives.

  • Well, we're hearing from a pair of scorned ex-girlfriends which can mean any number of scenarios is now underway. That being said, it doesn't quite pass the smell test if Bloom is still being promoted in Estela's show reel for her own career's sake. Too many known unknowns here.

    DATE: 4/09/2015

    Kessler Crane
    1901 Western Ave
    Plymouth, Indiana

    (Plymouth) – In light of recent allegations of domestic abuse involving Philip Bloom, Kessler Crane has decided to immediately end any and all business relationships with Mr. Bloom. It saddens us deeply to make this decision regarding a long-time partner, friend and community contributor but as an organization, Kessler Crane takes allegations of this nature very seriously and absolutely does not tolerate or condone abuse of any kind. Our hearts are with all victims on the road to recovery and our hope is that the accused will seek forgiveness and help.

    As a result of the current circumstances, Kessler Crane is making a donation to the Indiana Coalition Against Domestic Violence, to aid them in their mission in working for the prevention and elimination of domestic violence – until the violence ends. We encourage all of those in the filmmaking community to find an avenue to support the end of domestic violence in their corner of the world and encourage anyone who may be dealing with abuse or knows of someone that is, to speak out and seek help.

  • No offense intended, but why post this here?

  • No offense intended, but why post this here?

    Well, number of views show that people are interested :-)

  • Yeah, I know... people are always interested in things like this.

  • Kessler Crane is obviously not the NFL

  • I met PB in real life and seemed real down to earth and chill.. sucks

  • Fingers crossed this isn't just a witch hunt, although the alternative is very bad too.

  • Be careful here, folks.

    New UK defamation legislation has recently been passed in order to cope with online comments, especially those which might bring about financial loss. If in doubt, talk to your lawyer before posting. Don't presume anonymity.

    "It will, for example, be open to the complainant to seek a court order, known as a Norwich Pharmacal order, for the operator to release the information that they hold on the poster’s identity and contact details so that legal proceedings can be brought against the poster."

  • I think the woman was left for another woman and takes revenge for now. apparently she needs a lot of attention.

  • Before there are any more comments about people thinking that the women are liars, maybe consider how horrible it would be to be abused for a period of time and then get called a liar when coming out to discuss it. This is a thing for the court system to decide based on available evidence, not for you to decide without it.

  • It takes a lot of courage to speak up about these things and calling someone a liar about it makes it even harder.

  • If I were one of them I would not spread the story in facebook that's for true. This is really strange. I wonder why all the people believe her without any questions. Here in Germany there was a women who destroyed a tv moderators life with a story like this which was not true. His name is Kachelmann.

  • Abuse shouldn't be tolerated by anyone, but at the same time, no one should be punished ( suffer losses ) for something until they're found guilty. This deal is proof that in today's times, a accusation is very dangerous. The words spread like wildfire, and before you know it, it doesn't matter whether you're guilty or not, because everybody already took a side. I understand the need for companies to distance them selves from the publicity, it just sucks that all it takes is an accusation to tear down something you've worked so hard to establish. I have no clue as to whether these ladies are telling the truth or not, one way or the other. I just think Bloom should have the ability to clear his name before we run and post, as this could be a case of character assassination. A Facebook post, now he's labeled the Ike Turner of the video industry.

  • Gossip forum now? Whether the allegations are true or false, it doesn't change my view of him so this is pretty pointless, just saying.

  • The High Court of Face Book! Let them go the legal way if they have proof of the alleged abuse. I respect women highly and I respect a woman even more when she walks away of a toxic relationship the minute they get abused for the very first time, especially when they are just girlfriends and no children whatsoever involved. And I know many that have done so. On the other hand I know how vindictive about an ex-partner somebody can be, woman or man alike.

  • The likelihood of two of Philip Bloom's ex-girlfriends forming a conspiracy to tarnish his name is very low.

  • Cde: I take it you have no ex girlfriends and you've never had a bad break up?

  • "The likelihood of two of Philip Bloom's ex-girlfriends forming a conspiracy to tarnish his name is very low."

    no one can tell if the second person is really philip blooms ex girlfriend or rather sarahs supporter . I 'm shocked at how to face all without a single evidence against the accused .

  • It will not surprise me if someone who is an expert in one area (involving intelligence) is not so good in other areas (especially social or emotional areas). If this is true, I do not say I advocate that. But it just does not surprise me.

    On the truth factor of both Sara(h)s: the writing of Sarah is very mature and I do not really see any accusations, merely warnings for others to make sure they do not get involved in painful situations or relations. I see no reason to doubt this is a real person expressing real experiences.

    The extra effect of social media is the number of people receiving these messages because of the ease of spreading them. Previously, the same happened, gossip has always been there, just not at hand for almost anyone in the world to know about. Do you know what really happens at the other end of the world? How can you be sure?

  • The seriousness of the accusation alone should not be the final word on someone's character. Give the guy his day in court. He's got relationships with huge brands and has probably achieved considerable net worth by now, so its entirely possible that money is a motivator in this public outburst.

    If it does turn out to be true, he needs to accept the consequences of his actions.

  • No man should hit a woman Full Stop! if this is true he should get the punishment. i like his work but no matter the person one should not. Top Gear pull the plug over something like this, times are changing

  • It's really saddening and shocking to read some of these comments (other sites included). If 2 or more women are accusing a man of abuse, it's extremely sexist to say the "man is innocent till proven guilty, or money is behind all of this." Sure that's the case sometimes, and law will make the judgement on guilt, but this should NOT be your default assessment. Take the allegations seriously and have some respect dammit.

  • I don't think anyone here has said they definitely think it's one thing or another. People are just discussing the possibilities. As a man I am more able to relate to the scariness of the fact that someone who doesn't like you can simply accuse you of any terrible thing and ruin your reputation or worse. However, I also agree that if someone was abused, came out about it and then was accused of being a liar; that would also be terrible, either way is no good.