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Canon XC10, 1" 4K Hybrid camera
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  • that's 8bit btw. Yes the codec does have impressive specs...but it's attached to that boring lens. And I believe the 5 axis is for 1080 only.

  • i think canon has high spectation for this new form factor. Personly i think its a very good option, has the right tools for this segment.

    Also has very tight competition again from sony, but there is something in its design that is more appealing than sony versions.

    From my personl opinion this little bastard will emerge good, but they have targeted at this segment, this people count each dollar they invest, so, sony will become a good option, if they dont come from canon.

  • So much praise and excitement for the XC10 on twitter and various blogs and I just don't get it. I don't see any added value that Canon brings to the table that justifies their outrageous prices. I was so worked up I had to make a video about it.

  • I think it is wasteful to make such a cam without interchangeable lenses. Now, some Canon lenses are great, of course, but the Zeiss labelled lens on the ax100 is going to be tough to beat.

  • If Panasonic were to update the FZ1000 firmware with improved 1080p codec and v-log, they'd pretty much stop this camera dead in it's tracks considering the price point.

  • Xenocide38, yeah I too am mystified by all the praise for it.... damn blind Canon fanboys I reckon! I wrote a very critical blog post about it yesterday:

    You did however forget to mention one point units favour over the FZ1000, the XC10 has an ND filter. But.... only at ONE setting! Gee... another little fail by Canon

  • @DrDave - agreed that to make this thing without an interchangeable lens is a sin, but the 4k codec they have inside it walks all over the LX100. It also shoots the BBC HD gold standard, 50Mbits in 422 color space. It will sell bucket loads..

  • Currently there are more cameras than you can shake a stick at which can 95% beat the XC10 for much much less (RX10/LX100/FZ1000), or 200% beat it for a similar price. (GH4/A7s/NX1)

    So you have to fit into a very weird tiny little niche, not to want either side of those two alternative options and instead want the XC10.

    And once the Sony RX20 is released I bet that camera will then beat the XC10 125% for half the price. Which will leave the XC10 with no niche whatsoever to fill, not even the little tiny weird one it might fill right now.

    Heck, it could be argued the Sony AX100 (with Sony XLR-K2M) and Sony PXW-X70 (which is getting the 4K update at the same time the XC10 is shipping) are already beating the XC10 by 125% for less/same.

  • I just can't get excited about this camera. It's got $999 bargain bin pricing written all over it. The video doesn't do anything either.

  • Huff! What on earth are canon doing? I used to be a right little canon slut ! but this camera does NOT make me excited. I bet a pack of bubble gum they release a XC30 and a XC50 (c300, c500) with the XC50 having interchangeable lens system. I sold my 7D mk1 and 50D for a Hacked GH2 followed by the GH4...and i will never look back! I guess with a 1"Cmos there shouldn't be any MOIRE PATTERNS in video....but hey i aint going hold my breath!

  • Is anyone else curious why this supposed entry level camera into the eos cinema line gets 4k but the C100 MkII doesn't? That's what I find the most odd...

  • Wow, has Canon fallen off a cliff?

    I like the ergonomics and the bitrates, but that's it!

  • Hehe....What the....Cool, I assume this was shot on the xc10. Not bad. wish I could see more info about this shoot.

  • All I can say is that the operative word here is camcorder. I think they maybe want to sell it to rich families going on vacation - and it would be great for that sort of thing, in addition to any other creative uses. Drawback is the lack of an interchangeable lens mount, and the price being a bit above the competition

  • I can not read about 5 axis stabilizer, except in this thread. Can Anyone confirm this feature?

  • The 5 axis stabilizer works only in HD resolution. In 4k there is only the OIS.

  • Would you describe the XC10 as a stills camera, a video camera, or an equal representation of both?

    I think that it strikes the best balance of what I’ve seen so far in terms of providing a very high level of video functionality with a reasonably high level of still capabilities. To me, that’s one of the strengths of this camera. It can really do a credible job as either a video or a stills camera, depending on the needs of the user or the project.

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