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Canon XC10, 1" 4K Hybrid camera
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    Canon unveils the XC10 – a compact, lightweight video and digital stills camera that brings professional 4K quality to aspiring filmmakers and enthusiasts. Inheriting many of the Cinema EOS range’s features, the XC10 offers incredible recording versatility and is the ideal solution as a small, stand-alone camera for independent film makers or the perfect accompaniment as a supporting camera in larger productions.

    XC10 Key benefits:

    • Stunning 4K video and 12MP stills from one compact camer
    • High bit rate XF-AVC files, great for post production
    • Seamlessly integrate with professional workflows
    • Get creative with fast and slow motion recording
    • Built-in Wi-Fi for easy browser/smart device control

    Unleashing 4K recording for enthusiasts

    Boasting outstanding image quality, traditionally associated with larger cameras, as well as the flexibility and ease of use of traditional compact camcorders, the XC10 consistently delivers breath-taking results. Its advanced imaging engine – a powerful combination of a specially developed 1” CMOS sensor and Canon’s new DIGIC DV5 image processor – gives both budding filmmakers or experienced pros the speed and quality they demand to capture 4K video, at a wide range of variable bit rates.

    Shooters have the freedom to capture a diverse range of scenes in professional 4K quality using a specially developed 10x optical zoom lens, complete with Canon’s class-leading image stabilization technology. With a versatile 27.3-273mm focal range (35mm equivalent, in video mode) videographers can easily switch between capturing sweeping scenes, to intimate close ups with a single lens. Pros and enthusiasts alike can change between movie recording and still image shooting, capturing high quality 12.0 MP images, or extracting 8.29 MP stills from 4K video footage.

    Able to fit seamlessly into workflows, or productions with existing Cinema EOS cameras, the XC10 can record UHDTV standard (3840 x 2160) 4K footage to an internal CFast 2.0TM1 card at up to 305Mbps, or Full HD (1920 x 1080) footage to an SD card at up to 50Mbps, with pro-standard 4:2:2 color sampling for high resolution performance.

    The XC10 delivers rich color, synonymous with Cinema EOS cameras, with a high ISO of up to 20,000 ensuring excellent results in low light conditions, and a 12-stop Wide Dynamic Range, providing vivid detail in both highlights and shadows.

    Fostering creativity with expert workflows

    Professional videographers can easily integrate the camcorder into existing production kits and workflows, thanks to its portfolio of professional standard codecs and recording modes. Canon’s new XF-AVC H.264 codec supports recording in both 4K and Full HD quality, enabling easy integration into industry- standard Non-Linear Edit systems. Canon Log Gamma also enables maximum freedom in post-production editing and processing, and seamless quality matching with content shot on Cinema EOS cameras. Additionally, videographers can freely shoot in 4K, and later convert to Full HD, to create a higher quality end product, and enable greater flexibility in the editing process.

    A selection of slow and fast motion recording modes – including up to 1200x fast motion in 4K/Full HD, and up to 1/4x slow motion in HD – as well as interval shooting provide further creative opportunities.

    The XC10 is also Wi-Fi compatible; enabling remote control of key features via a browser, smartphone or tablet – securing its position as an essential part of any Cinema EOS video shooter’s toolkit.

    Very interesting move! Fixed lens C series alternative it seems.. now, price info

  • It won't be lower than Sony AX100 that we already have for quite a time :-)

    And AX100 has advantage due to smart Sony hot shoe (so you can add XLR module or wireless mike), and also more dedication concerning firmware updates.

    Only good reason for it is if they added 4K at 60 fps, and also have HEVC as option.

  • f2.8-5.6 lens ouch!!. And what is Jackie Chan doing there?

  • Same Sony sensor as rx series and ax100?

  • @rumi Jackie's going to shoot his next 4 movies with it to make it totally legit with the fanbois.

  • And what is Jackie Chan doing there?

    I think you do not understand that Jackie is doing such things constantly in China.
    He just being paid to attract attention.

  • 422 4k seems nice. but why do they design videocamera that has ergonomics and formfactor of a dslr ? makes no sense to me.

  • Cfast card seems a bit over kill so do's 305Mbps for the intended market. Shame it dosnt have interchangeable lens design. Otherwise seems like an interesting camera. Would have loved this thing in the mid 90's

  • Also it seems that noise will be present due to active cooling


    800 x 587 - 56K
  • In order to know if it has recording time limit, it seems that is a little sister of Cinema Eos family. So we can dream about no time limit.

  • I'm not a fan of fans.

  • Looks like this will work with the Atomos Shogun:

    Atomos have just announced support for the XC-10

    • Direct to ProRes/DNxHR 4K recording (up to 2160p30) and ProRes/DNxHD recording (up to 1080p60). This means users do not have to transcode the XC-10′s internal recordings ready for editing in Apple FCPX, Adobe Premiere or Avid Media Composer.
    • The 4K recording, apart from being the native codec for NLEs, is also 4:2:2 color accuracy and 10-bit color depth that enables the freedom in post production to integrate 10-bit effects and overlays.
    • A 7″ monitor almost six times the area of the XC-10′s 3″ display, is the best and only way to truly set up Pro shots with professional features not available on the XC-10 like 3D LUTs, 2:1 & 1:1 zoom for critical focus, vectorscope, false color and the ability to have ongoing color calibration using an optional Spyder unit.
    • Ability to tag footage on the fly as Favorite/Reject ready for immediate integration into Final Cut Pro, Adobe or other NLE’s
    • Long record times onto affordable and reliable SSD media as opposed to the more expensive $/GB media option on the XC-10.
    • With built in HDMI to SDI signal conversion the Shogun/XC-10 combination can perfectly integrate into an existing SDI workflow
    • The breakout XLR connection gives the Shogun/XC-10 combination both balanced analog XLR audio and 48V phantom power options for condenser microphone solutions (at bottom of article)
  • There is not mention about ND filter in last video

  • Just looked at the specs and preorder on B&H... $2500 for what? Am I missing something? The Panasonic LX100 has the exact same features, better lens and larger sensor for less than half the price.

  • First sample footage in that Intro video looks pretty bad. You would think they would really have made an effort to have the footage look stunning. Looks soft with low DR. The rest of the video - non-sample footage (shot with some other camera) looks fine, so you cant really blame the YT compression.

  • ...another enigma from the pooch-screwer ! What were they thinking ? I do like the ergonomics , but why would anyone choose to pay almost 3x the price over a fz1000 or rx10 ? For the rotating grip ? That's questionable. Now if they'd put a new aps sensor with their M mount, they might have garnered my interest. But this.... is another canon-shot in the foot ! And certainly sony and panasonic have their canon-killers in the lab at this very moment a third or half the price. I hope they see the beauty of the rotating grip though.

  • Do agree - rotating grip is awesome! If it had an optional strap like a camcorder - even better! If it was relocatable like Cx00 series, then even better again! Again - Panasonic - are you listening? Maybe turn your existing GH3/4 portrait-grip into a relocatable grip for the GH3 or GH4!

  • an FZ1000($746 current Amazon price) AND an RX10($998) AND an LX100($759). That would be $2503 in total. I rest my case.

  • @mpgxsvcd....beautifully said !

  • 4k focal range really starts from 27mm, and no zoom rocker that I see.
    If there's no rocker, it could be a manual zoom lens only, which gives hope to it being parfocal.

    BUT the only way to record 24p is internal 4k, none for HD or HDMI output (according to B&H website, since Canon doesn't have any descriptions for this camera on their website yet).

    And why can you only record 4k on CFast cards?
    And is the lens even an 'L' Series Lens?
    At least there's ND..

  • I would be interested in something better than than the ax100, not sure if this is better.

  • Ermm - 4k 4:2:2 at 305Mbs plus 5 axis stabilisation?