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Panasonic 150mm and new 100-300mm canceled? alternatives?
  • I am looking for a zoom lens, my only zoom lense so far is the 35-100mm Panasonic lense I was thinking about getting the 100-300mm lense but last thing I heard Panasonic wanted to release a more professional version? now I can't find any more info on either the 150mm and new 100-300mm? what's the best zoom lense there is for the mft system?

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  • Panasonic 150mm and new 100-300mm canceled

    What this means in title? What is "cancelled"?

  • The 150 fell off The roadmap a long time ago. Don't recall if a pro 100-300 was ever in the works. Your only choices if you want AF is oly 40-150 pro, maybe with teleconverter 1.4x, and upcoming oly 300mm f4 which also can use 1.4x teleconverter. No stabilization on panasonic bodies except gx7 though..

    Of you can live without AF there may be active canon adapters that could utilize ois on canon lenses with that, but not sure..

  • I wasn't sure if I spelled the word "cancel(l)ed" correctly, looked it up and looks like it depends on which region you're in... well, what I meant was: a new lense was reportedly announced, in the works maybe even, but now it will never be released or like "tosvus" calls it "fell off the roadmap". I can't recall where I read it but I heard Panasonic wanted to release another zoom lens of higher quality than the 100-300...not sure if it was supposed to have the same focal length but if true: that one fell of the roadmap, too? I am thinking of buying the 100-300 lense but heard it gets pretty soft from 200mm onwards? any recommendations which lense to get (must be native mft) since the others seem to have fallen of the roadmap?