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Driftwood Cluster X Series 4:│Moon T8│Spizz T7
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  • I thought the camera did excellently with the video quality, especially with the crop-in shot. Did you edit this in 720?

    Curious if you have a plan for cleaning up the audio? I still don't know how to do that when I get some audio like this...

  • There's no crop, I used two cameras with 25 and 45 lenses slightly different angles. Recorded in 1080p but for this trial only I edited in 720. The sound is done separately with lavaliere but again here is just the one from the camera with rode mic, didn't sync yet. Cheers

  • Grading test of Moon T8:

  • Moon T8. Nikon 28mm

  • @driftwood Any News on Moon T9. please take the maximum bitrate to 130mbps.

  • @Maya Why stop at 130? Your home videos deserve the best. How about 131Mbps? That's one better. Or why not shoot the moon and ask Nick to hit 135? FIVE MORE. How amazeballs would THAT be?

    One time, I smoked some Kowloon opium and imagined Nick increasing Moon's bitrate to 140. It was glorious, but also terrifying. It took eight hours to come down, and when I did I was naked and sweating bullets, cradling my GH2 to my chest and mumbling gibberish. You know what I'm talking about.

  • @Shaveblog i know what u mean. but, see 140+ mbps is actually not working good for most shooters. try to make a single recording with moon t8. it will stop within 2 minutes even in fastest sdxc cards. i have 95mb/s cards i am facing playback problem with long duration files. sometimes it stops recording and hangs up in 2 minutes. 130mbps is a safe zone i feel. above 130 will always have a trouble in long plays and in cam play backs. gotcha buddy. be cool.

  • for me priority number 1 is continuos shooting, long time...2-3 hours...for concerts and leaving the cameras unattended so the hack has to be reliable, that's why I still stick to Moon T5...if Moon T9 offers some improvement AND stability I will be so happy

  • @Maya I've shot T8 dozens of times on both a Sandisk 64GB 95MB/s SD card as well as a Sandisk 64GB 45MB/s SD, and I've never experienced any failures whatsoever. If you are having issues, you either have a bad card, a bad camera, or you aren't formatting the card in-camera before every shoot. The problems caused by a bad card/camera/practices aren't fixed by a certain bitrate target. Certainly not 130 vs 140.

    If you guys are having trouble with these patches, or you foolishly expect to be able to shoot for 3 unattended hours straight on a consumer DSLR instead of buying the right camera for that task like a camcorder, you should be shooting your favorite patch at 24L, not 24H. For what you're shooting you'll never see any difference whatsoever. In a pinch I've shot T8 and IV2 at 24L on my cheap backup 64GB Transcends and any quality difference was difficult-to-impossible to see. 50-60Mbps is what all of these patches should be doing anyway when it comes to 1080p.

    140 is just brute force inelegance, "because he can". In a perfect world, maybe, but if Nick was doing this professionally instead of as a free hobby, you can be sure that these patches would feature much lower peak bitrate, most likely nearer to what's currently 24L than 24H. Successful consumer products are designed to protect even the dimmest end users from themselves, not push the envelope of best-case scenarios. It's why Apple doesn't overclock its CPUs. The few end users who might benefit from faster computers are far outweighed by the masses lined up at the Genius Bar with charred MacBooks.

    Do yourself a favor. if you're having card/camera issues with these patches, try shooting 24L. You'll be much happier.

  • Moon T8 24L looks pretty good to me (Looking forward to testing out T9 though)

    A short video clip, recorded with Panasonic GH2 with Driftwood moon T8 hack, shot on 24L, panny 14-45mm lens at F3.5, auto ISO, auto WB. Edited on Vegas pro 12, applied Neat video, Film convert, and the red turned down -5 with Boris CC 8 color balance.

  • @shaveblog or just install Sanity X and be done with it.

  • Never tried the Sanity patches, so I can't comment. Personally I think the Driftwood patches peaked with IV2, which is what I use, and that's been a very reliable patch, never had a hiccup with it. To my eyes IV2 looks better straight out of the camera and needs less grading to get what I want than Nick's later patches.

    To my eyes the biggest jump in quality was from the stock firmware to Chis Brandin's 44Mbps patch. That was jaw dropping. Since then it's been a game of inches, maybe not even inches. Given that the 24L setting of most of the latest patches equals or exceeds that early 44Mbps patch, I'd say GH2 shooters are in good shape moving forward, T9 or no T9. Personally I'd love for Nick to do T9 with halved bitrate, drop the mic and be done with it. That would mess with so many heads here. It's T9 so it has to be better, except it's lower bitrate, but it's newer, but geez it's only hitting 50Mbps on high detail scenes and my kids playing in the backyard need at last 130Mbps to look filmic, but damn it looks perfectly fine on my monitor, but it can't really be that good if it's half the bitrate, you win Vitaliy, we'll keep arguing about it for another five years of YouTube tests.

  • @shaveblog: i think i haven't posted here for a year or more, but your recent posts have tempted me too much. Why are you so bitter and why do you think you are entitled to be some sort of world police and smash everybody on the head who you think knows less, has less understanding than you or just a different opinion? are you that omnipotent, omnipresent super creature we read about in the old books? Do you have the divine legitimation to define who or what is stupid and to punish those that you consider to be?

    While your recommendation to switch to 24L is pretty solid and there are diamonds of knowledge in the bitter cynic selfrighteousness around it, i suggest you keep posting and sharing your valuable knowledge, but spare people the rest and dedicate your time instead to something wholesome like charity for orphan puppies, world peace or buddhism.

    Yes, its obvious that there are no major improvements to be expected from the latest or next settings. That has been the case for maybe 2 years now. If someone wants to believe in a cult, ffs, give him a break and let him live in peace as long as he does not poo on your front lawn. If there are people here, who believe that a new hack will make them the new Sven Nykvist, Michael Ballhaus, then so be it. Some people believe if among many other things they leave cows in peace they will have a positive reincarnation and why should they not?

    You are a very witty guy with technically a good sense of humour and a feeling for the word and more knowledge about cameras than many others here. But be so kind and give people a break...and rather use your skills for something constructive...

    and now back on topic: why do you consider IV2 to be the best hack apart of the fact that you have to grade less? I have never tried that one and sticked to Moon7 since its release as it is stable and does a good job.

  • I agree with the IV2 comment. I have moved on to the Gh4, but everytime I watch that IV2 footage it still blows me away with the look/texture..its just..... dare i say "Filmic" right out of the box. You must get it white balanced properly, but when that happens....magic.

  • I think Shaveblog's bitterness is just bemusement over the years and years of bickering on here about the minutia of patch differences when 99% of the users here are hobbyists who have never taken their GH2 out of the backyard. We have hours and hours of grass blades, rappers, and toddlers staring at the camera fighting for that "film look" when the first step to getting a cinematic look would be to push your kid out of the frame and put yourself on a film set. But none of us will ever get to do that, instead putting our efforts into debating matrices and color profiles to feel like pros.

    I've been a GH2 user since its release and it's still my goto camera for low-budget shoots. I appreciate Driftwood's continued support for patch updates but honestly I agree with Shaveblog that there have not been any huge upgrades in quality after IV2. And I get a laugh out of users on here getting nasty with each other and blaming their own poor footage on nonsense like Vimeo compression. Gotta love the password-protected test footage videos too; gee it'd be a shame if your footage of a daisy got leaked, better throw a password on it.

  • Cynacism is just a sign that this forum is maturing nicely. Shaveblog's posts are the most artist expressions found on this particular thread (at least more than the cliched videos) and if there are people getting butthurt out there because it makes them harder to feel proud of and post the material they have been making, so be it. I have also made my share of toddler videos with the 12mm SLR magic the 25mm Nokton and the Anamorphot 50 on my GH2 without proper lighting and sickening grades that makes my kids look like green and grey trolls, but when someone comes along as says "Hey, wake up! Look at the big stupid fractal you are sitting in that you can't even see cause you are right in the center of it" it ends up being kind of like doing acid for the first time when you are 43, thinking you are just going to get super duper high while your wife and kids are off with her realtives and you are hanging out with your buddy from high school who you haven't seen in three years, but instead end up spending 8 hours in existential terror/exctacy as you realize that your career, marriage and friendships are all a big sham (I'm 32 and I've known my life is a sham for years so this metaphor has nothing to do with personal experience...). Poetry circles have always been plagued with this problem too as they tend to drive out anyone who raises a critical voice or who asks them to consider the possibility that their poems are not only socially irrelavent, but also just simply poorly written. As the great Rev. Bob Dobbs once said, "Fuck em if they can't take a joke."

  • doodsaq: I couldn`t agree more with you! Well said!

  • @doodsaq With reference to the context of your comments; try asking producer about his "Filmvision Pro v8.1" grading plugin. I won't give you a spoiler!

  • Wow, I enjoyed shaveblog's first rant since it contained a lot of useful information mixed in among the hateful ire, but it seems that this thread has turned into a bitter jam pile.... What happened here? Too many frustrated "professionals" on this forum?

    Lighten up guys, nobody says you have to spend your time looking at the stuff we amateurs post if it's just too irritating to you.

    As for the people with the boldness/nerve to make specific demands of Driftwood for his next versions of his masterpiece, I really don't understand that at all. If you know so much about what is needed, why aren't you making your own? Maybe we should all just be more appreciative and less demanding... I'm kind of surprised that he continues to work on this project at all with the distasteful tone of much of the discussion here.

  • @Tjabo: You're right, but everyone has his own opinion, what to do.

    And I also think that this forum (not only this thread!) becomes more and more everything but GH-series forum. Just look at the topics - almost nothing about Panasonic cameras at all since long time ago. The reason is the lack of new patches and, of course, this moment should've come sooner or later since all the patches concern only the bitrate at all, nothing else. Ok, go to the future, get a 1024Mpbs memory card, then test Moon T20 with up to 800Mbps bitrate, then what: the noise is still here (no matter what's said), the profile parameter are still the same, etc. And that's why all we was waiting for Moon T8 three months since Driftwood announced it. Now is exactly the same - another 3 months since T9 was mentioned for first time before the New year. Not criticizing Driftwood about that, I doubt he spends all his time for GH2 patches, but I still stand on my words written 2 years ago here that the direction of GH2 modifying was wrong or at least was a short one way road with no way out. So here it is... Meanwhile, where can a detailed tutorial or instructions be found about hacking and modifying GH2 firmware?

  • @producer, I hear you, but how much more could really be gained? Pixel peeping the footage from Moon T8 against my GH4 footage, I'm not even sure which one is really better... There is so much subjectivity involved. Maybe the short, one-way road really did lead/is leading to the ultimate destination that the GH2 sensor and hardware could really support? It's not high end hardware, and it is OLD in terms of imaging technology.

    I do THINK I prefer Moon T8 over T7, so maybe I don't really think the final destination has quite been reached yet, but it's so hard to tell the difference -- In Driftwood I trust! :)

  • Can anyone explain the dependency between 24p, 30p and 720p60, when creating a hack?

    I think both Moon T7 and T8 looks awesome on 24p but I changed back to T7 because I like to use 30p for some semi-slowdown in a tight spot, when hand held, and the bitrate on T8 is much lower than on T7 on 30p.

    This is purely out of academic interest as I sold my GH2 and got a GH4 ( because it is way more filmic ;-) ). I am however very thankful for the work with hacks as it made my mediocre home videos look a little less mediocre :-)

  • @shaveblog actually lowering the bitrate helps. see bitrate is everything here. what will happen if 146 mbps average bitrate setting is lowered and optimized for 130mbps. actually the quality will be the same. but, it will sure help in most case. can u record 2 min continues video file in MOON T8?? try that first. dont give comments before you actually try something. in cam playback won't work for files above 1.5 minute. try all of em. see bro nothing is personal here. its all about what we reap out of GH2 which should always be good for most users.

  • @maya Your post is nonsensical but let me ask you something - if you really think simply lowering peak bitrate to 130 will solve all your problems, why are you wasting everyone's time complaining about it when you can easily do it yourself?

    Kind of feel like I'm handing a toddler a power drill but if you look at the changes in Ptool after loading the T8 patch, you can see where Nick has designated T8's peak bitrate for 24H:


    See that big number, the one with 150 and then six more zeros? Since you're so fixated on 130, go ahead and change 150000000 to 130000000. Then save your customized firmware (e.g. T8.1 "Culo"), install it on your GH2, and see what happens. Maybe it fixes all your problems and you can be the next Apefos. Maybe it bricks your camera. Either way, everybody wins.

    Or you could just take the advice that's been echoed here by others and shoot T8 at 24L instead, which would give you the same IQ with double the recording time per card. But why be so reasonable? Better to wade into waters you haven't a clue about and bang stuff with a hammer. Good luck bro.

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  • can u record 2 min continues video file in MOON T8?

    I didn't have any problems with it. Shot a whole wedding on T8, with a couple clips longer than 30 minutes, and several dozen clips longer than 2 minutes.