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Olympus E-M5 II, camera topic
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  • I dont think an EM1 update will be soon

  • Maybe all it takes is a firmware update instead of a mark II version?

  • I am pretty happy with how the E-M5 ii is shaping up, and looking forward to getting mine. Sure, the GH3 and 4K cams have an advantage in resolution, but that has always been the big strength of panasonics m4/3 lineup. The E-M5 is a pretty big step in the right direction for olympus, and I think they have much better colour out-of-cam with skin tones etc, which always seem to need a lot of post-fiddling with the GH's. Oly's ergonomics are also great -I really like their implementation of AF + MF mode, great for run and gun. I have a wedding shoot coming up and this will be perfect to stay low profile, and not having to carry too much for the day.

  • @mat33

    I really like their implementation of AF + MF mode

    Panasonic cameras have that as well.

  • @mpgxsvcd Yeah panasonic has it, but the olympus implementation is much better IMO. With panasonic to manual focus you have to keep the shutter release half pressed. If you release the button while shooting and then decide you want to adjust focus manually then the camera will autofocus again before you can can adjust manually, which looks pretty ugly. With olympus the MF ring is active the entire time, and you only need to half press the shutter release if you want to re-engage the AF. I use s-AF + MF all the time, and use the s-AF to get the initial focus rapidly and then MF during the shot as needed.

  • The problem with Pana style AF+MF is that you always risk pushing the shutter button too hard and stopping recording accidentally. Oly style AF+MF is much more handy: either half press AF or manual focus pulling works any time.

    This and AE/AF lock working properly during recording are two Olympus features I miss the most in Pana.

  • Does it have the rolling crop zoom mode as usual?

  • I don't have mine yet, but reading the manual it looks like it does. Will be interested to see if this is softer like the E-M1, but hopefully they have improved this as well.

  • That Em5 mark 2 1080 sample does have less detail than the gh4 1080. It almost looks slightly oof. But really? Im on a 12.2 inch 2k screen and I had to zoom in pretty close to the dollar bill before I saw the difference. The em5 m2 is softer, but I dont expect people to be intensely scrutinizing my videos on huge monitors. It looks perfectly acceptable for youtube and small projects. If I ever need better quality I have my g6 and gx7. I intend to use it for festivals and for fast paced action sports. The samples I have seen of it being used to film that guy biking and another dancing look like it handles motion pretty well too. And high iso isnt bad at all.

  • On my 24 inch computerscreen the difference in resolution is very obvious, it won't matter if you only use the em5 II but from what I see it will once you start to mix in GH4 footage.

  • I have seen a lot on the web about the e-m5 having live clean uncompressed 4:2:2 HDMI out for recording externally, but has anyone tried it in 60hz land, has any one read the spec and had some concern, because I have not seen the concern raised anywhere. Is this Emperor wearing any clothes

    From the e-m5 spec sheet.

    HDMI With (GUI* is shown on connected device only, and peaking function is not available when connected by HDMI.) *GUI can be hidden on the connected device by pressing down on INFO button for recording an external drive under the following condition. Movie quality: YCbCr 4:2:2 / Frame rate: same as movie setting (24p, 30p and 60p settings are not recommended.) / Sound recording: not available

  • @mpgxsvcd Stupid question, but when you compared resolution with E-M5 II and GH4, did you have IS completely turned off on the OMD as it was locked down on the tripod?

  • You can see that in studio comparisons on dpreview. Locking a camera down is not always practical for video.

  • @sidecar Totally agree that locking a camera down is not always practical for video. I was just wondering if IS on E-M5 II could diminish absolute resolving power from a screen grab. Much in the same way the Power OIS lenses and to a lesser extent Mega OIS lenses might do the same when subject to jitter.

  • @mpgxsvcd: would you kindly include in your review comments on what the Mk II is like to use; specifically, what can be adjusted on the fly once recording has started. My main concerns are WB and exposure.

    On the weekend (and your indoor shoots must be similar) I was shooting in a gym under sodium and mercury lights (and daylight coming through fibreglass panels in the high veiling); point is that WB and exposure kept changing. John Brawley reports "It really is a problem that you can’t change the exposure once you’re rolling".

    I don't mind not being able to change WB on the fly (we shoot 4-camera multicam, so the light is changing on all four bodies at the same time), but can you describe how exposure can be changed? On the G6 bodies we use presently, we just press the centre button; that brings up ISO on the Q. menu, and press it again, and use the four-way controller to increase or decrease. Because we shoot multicam, these changes can be covered on another angle, so not a problem.

    But what are the ways exposure can be changed on the Mk II? TIA

  • @mat33

    I agree, the Olympus implementation of AF+MF is better.

    Since I'm now using LX-100 and GX7, I use back button focus for MF+S-AF which helps me correct or start shots with AF while I'm in MF mode. The dedicated MF switch on the LX-100 and GX7 make this easy.

  • @Duly_noted

    Have you compared the E-M5II directly with GX7? I have the GX7 but was hoping to switch back to Olympus for the IBIS if the video had been improved. I might just stay with the LX-100 and GX7 for now and see what the GX8 brings as it is easier to match shots from the same camera brand.

    Still, it would be great not to have to think about stabilisation though.

  • can someone confirm the crop in video? supposedly it's bigger than GH4's in 4k? o_0

  • @brudney I was curious about this as well. What I have heard is GH4 4k is a 2.3 and the Olympus is 2.7 with or without IBIS. I'm not to happy with that but guess I will live with it. I think in camera stabilization is the future and I just love the Olympus Pro lenses. Hopefully Olympus will except video is a major selling point of M4/3 and keep improving.

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    The High Res Shot mode, which has evolved from the sensor-shift stabilisation system (which Olympus also developed) provides a welcome boost to the capabilities of the company's Micro Four Thirds cameras.

    Even though its applications are limited, this development is genuinely new and exciting. It gives technical writers a fascinating subject to investigate and photo enthusiasts a reason to invest in new equipment. Olympus merits praise for 'going boldly where others fear to tread'.

    But even photographers for whom the High Res Shot mode is of minimal interest will find the E-M5 Mark II provides some attractive reasons to choose it, rather than other 'mirrorless' CSCs. The substantial improvements to its movie functionality and performance and its more adjustable LCD monitor make it more useful to some users than the E-M1, while the latter's slightly better weatherproofing and phase-contrast AF system provide quantifiable advantages for long-time users of Olympus DSLR cameras.

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  • @Scot yeah, 2.7 crop is pretty pretty bad. I wonder if it's because MAYBE they do a bit of a software post-IBIS stabilization... hmmm... :)

  • @brudney I'm hoping he whose name shall not be spoken just got it wrong someone else said 2.4 I can live with that. Hopefully I may get mine if Best Buy ever ships I preordered joke on me. Will never use Best Buy again they have had it on preparing order all week so I could not even cancel.