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GH4 how to keep the iso seperate in photo/video mode ?
  • does anyone know how to setup the camera so when you are in aperture mode and select 800 iso then switch the dial to manual video it keeps the iso value seperate ( like if i had the iso at 200 for my video work )

    its annoying when you have to quickly switch from photo mode and want todo some video and realise after 5 minutes the iso is too high as it uses the last value it was at.


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  • Use the custom video modes. They should store the specific ISO that you were at for each custom setting. You could use Aperture priority mode with ISO fixed at ISO 800 for C1. Then save C2 as 4K video in full manual mode with an ISO value of 200.

    Just curious have you ever tried using Auto ISO either for photo or video? Aperture or even full manual with Auto ISO works quite well for stills with the GH4. I like shutter priority with Auto ISO for the movie mode. Full manual with Auto ISO would be my preference. However, they are reluctant to give us that.

  • thanks for reply, great i will set that up (pity it never kept the manual video mode seperate)and i will try auto iso but was wondering in photo mode whats the best max iso you would use to have no or little noise in the photo?

  • took me ages to find auto iso i never realised its only accessible through the physical iso button on top of the camera and not in the main menu settings i just expected it to be like my nikon d7100, but i ill try it from now on will be a great help as i only use it for stills photography on my swarovski ats80hd scope.