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Panasonic AG101 successor at NAB: 15DR, 4K and Usable ISO12,800?
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  • Yes, but something tells me that it is broken phone game where one guy posted his fantasies and rumor site picked it up and amplified.

  • Rumour or not.... The question is where is this camera anyway?

  • I think this sensor may use the latest lithography process. That would maybe give us a superior circuity performance and less current leak. That should improve both dynamic range and noise but current design may be the limiting factor for improved performance. Either way sounds like a proper implementation of new varicam sensor technology on a new m4/3 sensor.

    Sound like a good idea if you fuck up the codec and give the crowd 8 to 10 bit limiting color space on h264 Then varicam and other upper class cameras.are not compromised from professional quality imagery from.a sensor size and mount to codec and quality.

  • I'm hoping it's an 18MP APS-C sensor. That would leave around 9MP (or 4K resolution) in the m43 center crop. Photosites of that size could significantly boost ISO performance even with the current gen sensor tech.

  • It cannot be an APS-C sensor since 4/3 is the core of entry level pro cine market. If this camera is good indeed it will tackle high on the neck Sony and canon with its entry solutions like c300 fs7

  • There is a $900 price drop on the current AF100.

  • Geomembrane, sounds like another way to say organic photoelectric conversion layer.

    Same tech as Fuji/Panasonic?

  • @johnnymossville it is a good connector.

    Its most probable its not organic sensor tech since its quiet not ready yet. But it may be some of the organic tech integrated to its CMOS sensor.

  • I think the rumor sites exist solely to propagate clicks and ad revenue. As such, their function is to sensationalize and enhance traffic flow, regardless of the accuracy of the rumored content. The specs on this AF successor camera simply sound way too good to be true. 4K and 16+ stops of DR? Seriously? Better on-paper performance than an Arri Alexa and even 35mm film all for the incredibly low price of $4k??

  • I'm not saying the rumors or true. But the way the camera market is going these days, there are often cheaper cameras with better specs on paper. But if specs on paper actually made a better camera and a better image I think most of the academy award nominated films would have been shot on Red, instead of nearly all of them being shot on a version of Alexa or Film. If I had heard the low light capabilities of the Sony A7s rumored before I saw footage I would have thought those were vastly I'm just saying it's possible, but I'm also sure if it's 16 stops it's not 16 usable stops

  • If they only double the actual low light performance of a GH4 and give me the controls of an HC-X1000, I will buy one.

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