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Shane Hurlbut don't like the GH4
  • Hey

    I wonder why Shane Hurlbut think the camera is a broadcast video camera and don't have that filmic feel. And it has bad skin tones. He like the 5D mk2 better.

    I think he shuld use Cinema V and not the Cinema D.

    What I have seen the camera performs really good hand have filmic feel.

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  • @Wenen Always trust your eyes - if you like it - it's good. I think GH4 has real potential for user to make beautiful images.

  • Doesn't he basically work for Canon? :)

  • He will probably say that 7dmk2 is the best camera ever for video, 100% cinematic and other fine things to ogle.

  • I wouldn't trust anything he says. Even though I kind of agree with him about the gh4, his comments seem wildly unfair. Add to that the fact he doesn't appear to know much about color correction. The graded images in all his little tests look awful to me. How can anyone listen to a guy who is so clearly paid off by canon?

    But he does make sure the Canon logo is in focus. In shot, after shot, after shot.

  • @johnnymossville I think he is sponsored by Canon.

  • Quiz, which images are Canon, Which are Panasonic? :) These are straight off camera, no color changes, downsized to get rid of most of the Panasonic's obvious resolution and Clarity advantages.

    disregard my crappy shooting. haha.

    1439 x 2438 - 522K
    1440 x 1623 - 534K
  • Left Canon, right Panny? or are the the ones clumped together the ones to be compared?

  • Shane's main issues were that he felt the GH4 didn't give him "filmic" results under the circumstances that he shoots with. He wasn't really willing to make any adjustments to how he shoots in order to give better results. He simply shot the way he always shoots and left it at that. This is NOT how most of us would do it and thus we would get better results. It's a personal thing. We all have our specific wants and needs and Shane has his. No biggie.

  • each image has at least one Canon and one Panny shot.

  • @Aria I don't like when he use so wrong setting. Cinema D is not that goood.

  • I have a simple rule which is I lean towards GH or Sony cams in situations that are more landscape and Canon where there are lots of people's faces. He was filming more or less portrait stuff.

  • Must agree with Hurlbut. Based on lots of various demo footage watched, Canon Raw video just looks more filmic to me than other offerings in its class.

    The problem I have with Canon raw is the CF cards, the workflow being cumbersome to say the least, and Magic Lantern being a continuing beta test with limited to no tech support. It's also easily out-resolved and out-FPSd by the GH4, A7S, NX1

  • I have discovered that "less is more" when it comes to the settings of the gh4. too much tweaking gives more noise. I used to think my camera had "issues" but after minimal tweaking, I've had MUCH better results...a faster lens also helps, and I don't even have a booster.

  • @Johnnymossville

    Left: 1-Uncertain but i think Panasonic, 2-Panasonic, 3-Canon

    Right: 1-Canon, 2-Panasonic

  • The GH4 is littebit sharper yeah, James miller photo: 1DC & GH4 HD Frame

  • Hurlbut's settings were based on a complete dis-understanding of how to set this particular tool. Not even a "mis", but a complete dis. When I saw what his settings were, I thought ... and you expected other than what you got? He clearly didn't know how to set up the camera for it's best work for his perceptions. Then blamed the camera.

    Like others have commented ... it's NOT a Log or RAW camera. You can't try and mimic that 'look' off the sensor and get best results. BUT ... using it for what it can do, by the time it's graded it's pretty dang awesome for the price, and also quite handy to shoot with during filming. Which can be said also of quite a number of other cameras ... tools tools tools. Ya gotta know how to use a hammer ... or don't go blaming the hammer! Try to use a ball-peen like you'd use a framing hammer ... not so good, you know?