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editing gh4 4k in sony vegas 12
  • i film in 4k and i have a computer built that edits it no problem. i hear alot of talk about downconverting. wouldnt my best quality be to edit in a 4k timeline and render to either bluray or dvd in this project setting. What i mean is i dont have to use a 1080 project setting in vegas if im able to edit in 4k. Am i correct in my thinking? thanx

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  • I edit in 4k. Middle of the line computer with 2.2 i7 8gb RAM and 2gb gpu. I only have issues when there are heavy effects. I have rendered out to 4k, 2k, 1080p without issue. I did have problems with 720p. No clue what happened with that.

  • thanks for responding. what im trying to figure out is besides being easier for a computer to work with, are there other advantages to working with 4k on a 1080 timeline? cropping etc?

  • If you downconvert to 1080 you effectively get 4:4:4 colour sampling but I don't know if it matters what stage you do the downconvert - except I guess it will be less work for the CPU (effects etc) if you downconvert early on before then applying fx? That's my only thought, but I don't currently use 4k.

  • do u like the 1080? i wish 4k had a 60fps mode