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Shotguns comparison
  • Sennheiser MKH416 vs Sennheiser ME66 vs. ME64 vs RODE NTG3 vs RODE NTG2 vs NTG1

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  • Note that comparison is words mostly and is quite subjective. Most people I talked actually prefer NTG-3 to ME66.

  • Fine having an AK47 on auto but please point the bugger at the enemy - great mic & shit operator = well captured shyte.

  • Jesus, me66/k6 is "stunning"? Okay, whatever dude.

  • No Sankens?

  • Sankens edit sorry meant "rock" how could I have misstyped that?

  • Well, I guess that settles it.

  • I have a NTG-3 and was handed a ME66 to use on a shoot several months back as I ended up booming as well as gaffering. I ended up grabbing my NTG-3 from my car and using it instead of the ME66. For my money the NTG-3 sounded better. Maybe I was just more comfortable using something I knew?

  • what about the new rode stereo videmic x? is it possible that it will outperform these mics? also, has anyone ever used the 3dio free space mics?

  • @babypanda the videomic x is a little better basic ambient stereo mic. If you need serious sound quality for a shoot, especially for dialog capture on a boom, I doubt this is would be the answer.

  • I just purchased a shotgun for film production. My prime application is boom pole mounting for dialogue into a field recorder. I tested the ME66, NTG1 and NTG3. I chose the NTG3 on the basis of sound quality, noise floor, robustness, although the ME66 was easier to handle due to weight but as it was also the most directional there was less "give" in terms of mic placement.

    The reviewer keeps mentioning nature recording and I assume this is what he does. It might also explain his preference for the ME66, but I think the NT3 sounded better and richer for dialogue.

  • NTG3 wins hands down, in my opinion. Great sound, stands up to abuse, works great in wet & humid environments. I also think the Røde lavalier is one of the best options for wireless mics, and they of course match perfectly with the NTG3.

    I am still using an NTG2, but switching to the NTG3 is one of my next planned upgrades.

  • @catscratch theME64 is the one he especially recommended for dialogue in the video, and that's what that capsule is designed for. The ME66 has a cardiod pickup pattern, unlike the ME66 which is hypercardiod (but not as directional as many other hypercardiod shotgun mics).