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Low self-noise shotgun microphone
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  • @mirror man

    Did you run the line out of the mixpre into the line in of the dr-100 in your mic comparison video above? If you did, was the NTG-2 running on phantom or battery power? I ask because it seems much noisier than it should be.

  • @tinyrobot

    1. The cable is indeed particular for mono shotguns. I don't have a specific brand or model though. In fact, I can't remember where I got the cable, sorry.
    2. Correct, no monitoring off the camera unfortunately. Not sure if audio comes through the HDMI. The bars are also a little deceptive, making the signal seem a bit stronger than it is.
    3. I can't seem to figure any way to adjust the input level without going into the menu. As I understand though, that level adjustment is also the level of automatic gain, so the highest boosts the signal most but also limits it.
    4. Yes, in Ptools if Pasadena Pulse is one of your preset settings you can click on it, then click on a second setting. The second setting will 'remember' that you loaded Pasadena Pulse, you just have to turn it on in the settings menu. Once you turn on the audio settings you can also adjust them. Hope that makes sense.
  • @spacewig hmm, there is a little bit of noise, but (the lower) part of it is actually background traffic noise picked up by the mic. Maybe the DR-100 added some noise? The mic is clean though. Even with full gain on the MixPre I only hear some slight noise in really quiet environments.

  • From my experience the NTG2 is not that great a microphone, it seems to pick up reflections and creates a "nasal" sounding recording. I had much more luck with the MKE600 which is similar price, I got some really nice recordings with that mic that sounded far more professional than anything I was able to get out of the NTG2.

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