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saying goodbye... apefos is retiring
  • This is sad to me, maybe happy news for who knows...

    I am giving up about indie filmmaking.

    there is two ways to do films: professional dreaming friends and simple production, or money, lots of money.

    If you have friends, but if they are amateur, the results will be amateur and there will be no future... professional people wants to be paid. You need good script, location, makeup, clothes, acting, lots of things.

    I did some attempts to raise funds, the apefoscope project, the cook picture styles, sponsors. everything failed.

    about the apefoscope and cook no need to explain, the community knows the history. about sponsors: they prefer to put their money in famous people, professional jobs which will give them increasing in selling products. it is hard when I come back with a NO answer and listen: we prefer to put an advertising in a tv station instead of put our money in a group of acting students, it is about business. even a location, a restaurant which wants to rent the location for filming, money, money, money. Clothes: I got borrowed clothes from a store once, but then I needed to pay some pieces which got damaged on the production. It is just business, I do not complain, I understand. Doing it for a hobby can be funny, but then I perceived that all people involved are specting success and a second project with money. I would need to be their hero, the front man which can make everybody grow up, and I am not, I recognize.

    And then I found myself trying to fix an old tripod and hurted my finger, a little hurt, but I saw my own blood. I feel the flavor of my red in my mouth and then... no, no, I cannot keep fighting this way anymore. I surrender, I give up.

    If you have similar dreams about filmmaking, think about money first. Trust your hacked GH2 because it is great, or any camera you have. But remember: you need a crew, and you need to pay for their job. And also remember: if you want success and new projects everybody in the crew must be professional, or no second project will be, or it will be a hobby forever, and even a hobby will need some money to survive.

    No, do not give up as I am doing, but try to perceive your skill, your future, ask yourself: do I have a future on this? can I succed? Or keep it a good hobby and clarify to people that it is just a hobby. But a hooby needs time, money and efforts also. Remember this.

    I already allowed the free download of the cook picture styles to help the community. my website is already shutdown. about the apefoscope project, it is only thing that really makes me sad, not just about money, but because it is also about image. I will try to show the project to big people here in my country, but I will not be involved. If I find some company here in my country I will transfer all the job to them, including selling and so on. If I do not find someone big willing to turn it into a product here in my country, then I will publish all the specifications on the web for free.

    P-V was a home for me on the net for some time, thanks to everybody for the great talk here, keep up the good work. I finished my job on the GH2 patches to help the community, the last GSpot are very mature settings, and now this is: The End for apefos.

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  • I've already told this old little story here, nevertheless it helps me when facing all the bullshit that surround us =)

    Long long time ago, in a far-east country lived two men; one very rich, the other very poor. Each man had a son. One day the rich man took his son to the top of a nearby mountain and then, with a gesture that encompassed the surrounding hills and fields, the little stream, the rocks and the trees, the cattle herds, the houses and huts he said: look my son, one day all of this will be yours. Another day the poor man also took his son to the top of the same nearby mountain, then with a gesture that encompassed the surrounding hills and fields, the little stream, the rocks and the trees, the cattle herds, the houses and huts he said to the child: look

    Look @apefos, look

  • Apefos, thanks for your contributions. I am still using your neatvideo noise filter settings, even after moving off the GH2 onto the bmpcc. By the way, you are an impressive writer, even though English is not your first language. You could probably make an interesting movie about you contributing to this site.

  • @apefos Best wishes, friend Ive never met.

  • Pro video results require pro people. Pro means MONEY.

    You can achive pro like results with an amateur crew.

    can that model sustain on time, not probable.

    you are inovator, not filmmaker

    the best of lucks and keep on the good work in life.

  • With your talent, you will succeed in whatever venture you try next, Cheers.

  • @apefos I've seen posts across all of the major forums on so many of your endeavors over the years, and though I never had a direct need for anything you've offered, I always respected you for trying so hard and doing what others said could not be done (I mean, while the rest of us were still figuring out how to use anamorphic lenses, you were manufacturing your own!). I hope that this is not the last that we see of you, but if it is, I know that your diligence and work ethic will give you a leg up in anything else that you choose to pursue.

  • @apefos You are really a multi-talented guy. You have contributed a lot, and achieved a lot. That thread you wrote about what to do when waiting for the firmware update was straight-up genius. Thanks for it all. I wish you the best.

  • Good luck for you future endeavours!

  • I have little bit same feelings sometimes. My biggest problem is that most of stuff ends up on my table. Filming, directing, cutting, post-processing, I have to buy all the equipment etc. And then when I get my friends to be actors, boom operators and so on, they have their own timetables. That's the most frustrating part.

    But I'm not going to give up! I produce something that requires the smallest amount of people as possible.

  • @apefos This sounds like a serious crisis, I hope you've got a plan B for your future. I wish you all the best. Thanks for your work here especially on the GSpot settings. I always enjoyed your detailed technical explanations.

    Btw, where can I find those neat video settings, Peter was writing about?

  • @Spreeni, "How to improve low light image quality from iso 12800 and 6400" topic talks about noise filter settings.

  • Winston Churchill once said: Success, is face a failure after another, with the same enthusiasm.

    ....dude, any failure made in serious way it is a necesary step in the ladder of success, if you gave your best, then the failure is useful, because it allows you to go further next time, getting closer to a success each time, keep giving your best mate, that´s all it takes, it is hard, but if you have invested a lot of your time in something, it must mean that it is important to you, keep it up!!

  • Obrigado por tudo camarada.

    Olho em frente agora e queixo levantado, porque tu já "deixou" muita herança de que se orgulhar.


  • Best of luck, man. Endings are always a good thing. :)

  • You can give up a profession, but never give up your dreams and stay healthy, @apefos!

  • May the force be with you :) good luck to you whatever you decide to do next!

  • Wherever you're heading your way, just keep in touch with the community. Bear in mind you have friends here. All the very best whatever you do!

  • I and many others have gained much from your contributions here. Good luck with the whatever you do from here on out.

  • Apefos, I do not have GH2 when you fine tune your setting and made the GSpot setting. I only have GF2, therefore I cannot test your patch that basically try to optimising 720p50/720p60 video mode, because GF2 do not have only have the double frame mode of 720p25/720p30. That is the reason that I keep silent about your settings. However, I really appreciate your contribution.

    Your GSpot setting, Ralph's Sanity X setting, and Driftwood's 2014 setting are the great 2014 things happen in this video oriented community. It is already 2 years optimizing GH2 and the rest of Lumix line up using latest Vitally's PTOOL. If there is no room of improvement for new settings, then the community really need new challenge to keep it alive. The challenge could be a new version of PTOOL from Vitally which could make the hobbies, the testers, and the filmmaker excited doing their things on testing and trying new settings for successor of GH2 Lumix model. Otherwise, I see that some of this community members will lose their appetite to participate and contribute.

    Most of this community members will continue to participate and contribute and sharing their passion on new knowledge related to video making, selling/buying, and may be for a little gossip to relax some of community member from their heavy filmmaking job. I am not sure, but it seems definitely this community needs something new to keep it move forward. For example: a new settings, a new PTOOL, a new video camera and its gadget, or Black Friday discount! I know a new settings and a new PTOOL is a hard work, but I am sure that these are one of the ingredients to keep some community member excited.

    May be Apefos and other patch testers will come out from their cave and keep their live busy but happy, if a new PTOOL needs new settings on creation! Who knows? I just sharing my opinion.

  • Sad news apefos, you will be missed buddy! Maybe you just need a breather. I hope you consider dropping in to say hello once in a while, and maybe one day we'll see another one of your innovations pop up.

  • Hello everybody,

    Thanks for all your words.

    Since then I stoped all tasks and I am away for a re-think about the way to go from now...

    But I was not feeling confortable in abandon the work in the matrices. I got lots of help from the Masters so it becomes a must to finish the job for the community. It is good thing to finish the jobs before stop activities instead of abandon things.

    So here they are, the final work from apefos, the DCT patches for gh2 hack:

    So now I will go back to my cave to go on with my "life rebuilding"...


  • @apefos - So sorry to hear you are going through this difficult time. You are not alone in your assessment of how challenging filmmaking is today. I think a lot of people are coming to the same realization. I wish you the very best, wherever life takes you.

  • All the best, Apefos !!! Tudo de ótimo, nessa nova empreitada !!!

  • I hope that this is only "Até mais logo!" We will be waiting here for you!