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to sell or keep ?
  • Ive been doing alot of thinking about selling my 14-140mm I got with my gh2 a long time ago , its good lens for IS, and zoom but doesnt have constant ap. I will be getting the sigma 18-35mm and speedbooster in few months , so that should have the short side covered, and i still need a decent cage as well. also long lens for filming surfing.

    btw I have the gh4, 7.5mm ronkinon fisheye, 14-140mm Panasonic lens, Ogio Bag.

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  • I had the same thing in mind. 14-140 has image stabilisation which you can use it with Panasonic Gh2 and BMPCC handheld. The resale value is not that great anyway so I decided to keep it.

    Sigma doesn't have IS.

  • I agree with @Kitano ....I hate selling because because I usually get a bunch of clowns that try to lowball me and PO me in the process, resale prices are low and besides....the 14-140 is the most used general purpose lens I have.

  • Ditto...very useful in field for reasonable lighting conditions, especially given the apparent issues with the new image stabilized lenses. Haven't seem them with my "vintage" (new meaning in digital age) 14-140.