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Trying to change a few GH4 settings. Need some help
  • I've had my GH4 for about a month now and I'm loving it overall, but I've noticed a few things I would like to change, if possible. I've not been very lucky in getting these things changed though.

    I'll Include pictures of each item.

    1. There is some sort of square in the middle of the screen. I believe it has to do with the focus assisting. Is there a way to get rid of this square? I understand it's purpose, but I think it gets in my way, especially with the touch screen becuse it can move.

    2. The AF box in the lower right hand corner. Again, I understand why it's there and what it does. But I don't always want that option available. It's just taking up real estate on my display.

    3. My guides and info dissapear from the display after 1 minute of sitting. Is there any way to keep them displayed?

    4. (no picutre included) This is one I've kind of grown to enjoy, but is there any way to remove the side quick menu from the display?

    I'd appreciate any help! Thanks!

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  • You don't need luck to change settings. Everything you need to know is in the manual that came with the camera. It's on Panasonic's website too.

  • I've been reading the manual with no luck. I've found some good info about all my other questions though. I just live chatted with panasonic and asked them about the monitor timeout, but they said that they did not have any information on how to stop this.

  • Did you try to reset all parameter ? My GH4 don't show that square

  • Yes, I did a reset, and I'm still getting all of the issues.

  • Just figured out the "AF" box. If you turn the touch screen off, that box disappears.

  • You may find the online advanced manual more helpful. I do. Be aware that menu may change depending on recording mode and that you may have to dig deep for what you want to do. The advanced manual has a number of search functions in pdf mode.

  • I've been looking through the pdf Panasonic provides. I'm still hunting for that middle box fix. On AJA's "custom buttons setup" video he does not have that middle box, so I know there's a way. Hahaha

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