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DaVinci Resolve 11
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  • FCPX round trip now working using XML from FCPX 10.1.2

  • Do MTS files work with the latest release?

  • MTS files still need to be wrapped in a MOV format for Resolve 11. Resolve will not recognise them as plain .MTS transport stream files.

  • Is this your a7s video, Mike? I can't find it on vimeo. What conclusions were drawn? It looks like there's some color bleeding into the 2nd top row in the resolve corrected video

    edit, found it

  • I just received my X-Rite Passport and have had very good results with my initial testing of Panasonic GH4 CineD profile in Resolve. VERY happy!

  • Is there a way to set max and min luminance values for your footage? I like go to the first curves window and use the slider at the left to slightly flatten the curve. It brings out some shadow detail and gives a smooth roll-off. It ends up being a range of something like 32-990 instead of 0-1023. The problem is that you can go past those limits back to 0-1023 by simply adjusting... well... anything. I want it to clip at the slightly reduced values. Any idea how? The soft clip doesnt hold the values there either.

  • @joethepro You can make a LUT from a grade you have applied to a clip. It's well documented in the manual. From memory you right-click the mouse on the clip in the Color page and there should be an option in the pop-up menu.

  • @caveport If you are talking about the "grab still" option, that does nothing to make hard stops in luminance values when applied to another clip. I dont see any LUT options when right clicking...

  • @joethepro No, I'm talking about the 'Generate 3d LUT' option when you right-click on the clip in the Color page timeline.

    Screen Shot 2014-08-28 at 1.13.43 pm.png
    1016 x 789 - 794K
  • @caveport Hm, I dont know. How do you use that? I made one, and put it in the proper folder with the other luts in c/program data/..... but it didnt show up in the list when I restarted resolve.

  • @joethepro It's very well documented in the manual.

  • @joethepro Create a single node grade in Resolve. Use the curve tool to set high & low limits. The clip should look low contrast & the scopes should show a limited luminance range. Export a 3D LUT from the clip. It should default to the correct save location. Now set up a TRACK based node and right click the node to select the 3D LUT you just created. This will hard clip the CLIP based node grade. Now the entire timeline will clip to the limits set by the LUT. I just tried it and it works well. BTW I'm on Mac OSX so I do not know where Windows folders are. You should be able to find the info in the manual or Google search.

  • @caveport Thank you for your help, I will try this tonight. Looks like I'll be reading some more of the manual at work today hahah

    Update: Look at that... it works! Thanks again!

  • @caveport Another simpler solution. Just make the curves adjustment, and always keep it as the last node in the clip node tree, no need to make it in the timeline node tree. This will keep the effect throughout all your other changes, assuming you add nodes behind the curve node. Why didnt I think of this before? :)

  • @joethepro That seems like more work as now you must apply an extra node to every clip! With track based grades, you only apply once and it affects the whole timeline. You can also disable the track grade or make adjustments to it if required. My approach to grading comes from having only two days to grade television shows that have around 900+ clips. Being able to work fast is essential. In Resolve 11, there are new group tools and version tools that allow a similar way to work without using the track grade. It's most important to find a workflow that suits your project. Good luck!

  • @caveport Yes you are correct, but there is no way to disable the effect of a timeline/track node for a particular clip, so for smaller projects its easy to add them to each clip. Ill check out the tools you mention, sounds useful.

  • Hi all, gagging to try this but for some reason resolve 11 lite runs very slow using my GTX580 card. I know it's not exactly the latest card, but Resolve 10 ran at least 2-3x faster on it. I have the latest drivers and my MB has no onboard video so I'm not sure why the slowdown.

    Anyway I don't want to use Resolve's NLE function so have gone back to 10 and have asked in the Blackmagic forum what the issue might be. Shame as the qualifier has some good added functionality in 11.

    Mentioning this in case anyone has a magic solution or has had similar issues.

  • @Mark_the_Harp I have a gtx 560ti and it runs about the same as 10 did, maybe just a tad slower. Do you have an SSD or HDD?

  • sorry guys, I might be missing the obvious but I can't get to run Resolve 11 beta light in Premiere CC, I have an ATI it only standalone software or not compatible with ATI? a friend gave me the heads up that I could use it with my setup...

  • It is NOT a plugin.

  • @joethepro sorry not to reply sooner. Interesting that you don't have the issue I do. I have resolve on the system disk (SSD) and I have two other SSDs which I use for source / intermediate footage.