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Panasonic LX100 camera topic
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  • Panasonic UK site's 4K tech specs:

    • 90mins. continuous recordable time
    • 45mins. actual recordable time

    Note at the bottom of the specs: "Maximum time to record motion pictures continuously with [MP4] in [4K] is 15 minutes."


  • 45 minutes 4K (chart above) is certainly different from 15 minutes....anyone have a real number?

  • 15 or 45 I guess are the finalists.

  • image

    HDMI connector on the right side :-) Most probably, it won't work during recording.

    800 x 625 - 60K
  • The Berlin video and having accounted for what it is, looks very nice. IMO that's how fine detail and textures would ideally look like; see samsumg's madagascar detail disaster video to see what I mean.
    Hey @karl this baby and your script... uhh la la {fugges a la charte}. I've always been kind of a Pana fangirl but I'm very impressed with today's releases. Now, to gain back my (and some other users) trust and favours, Tashio and the other boys at Panachonic Hdqt could make retrospective fixes and firmware the hell out of GH3's bugs... for example.
    Nevertheless and despite the fixed screen, this looks and promises as a very nice machine-bug, my boss would be happy :P

  • This offering from a German dealer (Cyberport) for 899,- € is the first one I cound find posted. They expect shipment at 30.10.2014.

  • @DrDave @fosterchen: It seems there are different recording time limits in 4k and 1080p modes - the 4k mode limit seems to be heat-related in all regions, while the 1080p recording time limit is due to customs evasion in EU and thus shorter than it is in the rest of the world (where it might be again be heat-related, but after a longer time than in 1080p mode).

  • @karl no the miniature effect shoots at a slower framerate and when played at normal framerate condenses the it's not timelapse. It also defocuses the lower and upper third of the image. dpreview says "no timelapse but I've seen some articles that says it has it , so time will tell

  • @karl I understand the problem, what I'm looking for is the number :) It is printed two ways, and 45 and 15 are not EU related (unless you subtract 15 from 45....) Anyway I can wait till the first big sale and the massive reports of pulsing and clumping noise have died down.

  • BhPhoto has a set of specs that show the standard 30 minute restriction. Poopie.

  • @Vitaliy_Kiselev

    Now imagine this lens to be released for m43 cameras with $299 retail.

    Maybe it doesn't fully cover a 4/3 sensor

  • @lenuisible

    ah...what ? It covers a 4/3 multi-aspect ratio sensor which means it covers even more than a normal 4/3 sensor !

  • Or go and shoot - production really really don't care

  • This cam has zebras just like the GH4... f*cking awesome!

    It definitely does timelapse, which I don't think was listed in the initial specs.

    • god bless panasonic !
  • @kurth
    The way I understood it was that it was a multi-aspect inside a 4/3 sensor, with a resulting crop factor of 2.2 (where the GH2 had a oversized sensor, which result in a crop factor of 2 for 4/3, and a bit less for 16/9). But I don't know if this crop factor is official info or just some rumor.

  • But I don't know if this crop factor is official info or just some rumor.

    It seems to be your fantasy. If it is oversized sensor - it is same size as GH2.

  • The reports are that is not a oversized sensor - it's the 16mp sensor from the GX7, and with the crop to multi-scale, the pictures are taken with 12mp resolution.

  • The reports are that is not a oversized sensor - it's the 16mp sensor from the GX7, and with the crop to multi-scale, the pictures are taken with 12mp resolution.

    Let's wait some time for clarification. May be it is really lens that can not cover all m43 sensor.

  • It is a crop of an 4/3s sensor. The lens may be able to cover the whole m4/3s sensor, although I doubt that is the case. Most likely the entire sensor is never used for imaging. It is always a portion of the sensor equivalent to a 2.2x crop factor that is being used. At least that is the case for all aspect ratios except 1:1.

    For 1:1 it uses a very small portion of the sensor. Probably closer to what a 1 inch sensor would be.

    My guess is that since they already have the 4/3s sensors made up they decided to use that instead of a proper sized sensor for the lens. That gave them the added benefit of multiaspect ratio. They couldn’t use a full 4/3s sensor because it would require too big of a lens for the apertures and focal lengths they wanted.

    What is really interesting is that in 4K 16:9 widescreen video mode the LX100 will have an even greater crop than in stills 16:9 mode. You will lose a little on the wide end. However, because of the extra resolution in video mode you will probably be able to get a tighter 1080p field of view than any of the 1 inch sensor cameras can achieve even though some of those cameras have more reach in their lenses.

    This LX100 is shaping up to be a world beater I think.

  • Here are the exact equivalent focal lengths for the various modes.

    Focal Length f = 10.9 - 34mm/(24 - 75mm in 35mm equiv in 4:3, 3:2, 16:9)/(28 - 88mm in 35mm equiv. in 1:1)/(28 - 87mm in 35mm equiv. in 4:3 in 4K Photo recording)/(27 - 84mm in 35mm equiv. in 3:2 in 4K Photo recording)/(26 - 81mm in 35mm equiv. in 16:9 in 4K video / 4K Photo recording)/(32 - 101mm in 35mm equiv. in 1:1 in 4K Photo recording)

  • sorry..I stand corrected. So we won't see the lens as a standalone....but it would probably cost the same as the camera anyway ! Regardless, Panasonic did a great job. Always out front !