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Firmware upgrade - things to do while you wait
  • firmware upgrade - things to do while you wait

    do a psicologic analises of all your life, including good and bad moments to try to become a better person.

    close your eyes and put your hands over the ears, turn down the head and forget the world for 3 minutes and 30 seconds (do not open the eyes to spy the green bar, you must be trained to feel when it is done)

    practice all yoga positions to avoid anxiousity, be careful to not get more anxious when doing yoga

    read all posts, pages and topics of P-V twice each and turn yourself into a videografer expert (including faq).

    watch all porn videos of pornhub hidden from your wife until you get sick of sex and do not want to make sex never more

    smoke two packs of cigarretes

    drink a bottle of wisky or five wines or ten beer (do not touch any button of the camera)

    why I just have one original battery?

    keep thinking: why panasonic do this to me? and perceive that this is a open source gift because and they could not give it already done in camera due to be afraid of sony drops a bomb in panasonic factory - then you perceive that panasonic did the open source firmware waiting someone to hack it to start a revolution in consumer cameras and today we have lots of almost good mirrorless and dslr. thanks panasonic for makes me losing time in hack patches, I am making history!!!

    keep doing reflections about money. does money controls me, or do I control money? am I a cheapskate or an eccentric? am I a thightfisted or a welfare person? oh god, how many good things I could do with the money I spent in gear addiction... this kind of reflections happens while you wait firmware upgrade and keep looking at the donate button in P-V website at same time.

    hate yourself for not being in a dancing party and feel like a geek nerd with a growing belly fat

    try to write a script and feel the fail to not be talented as woody allen

    why are you trying to find the G-series m43 GSpot instead of your wife gspot and keep thinking that she does not understand you

    promise for 3 minutes and 30 seconds that this is the last time you do this

    read the holy bible

    read the holy bible again, all pages, you feel read to become a priest

    asking yourself: why am I trying to get alexa image quality in a consumer camera, (do not think of suicide due to never put your hands in an alexa, remember that alexa is a name for sexy and mitologic women that you will never have sex with)

    sudenly you perceive that you did not change the battery to do the firmware upgrade and there is a chinese battery inside the camera and the green bar is in the beginning - you do not know what do do, keep watching or go away, your heart almost explode) 3 minutes and 30 seconds turns into an year.

    why I just have one original battery?

    feel bad that you are working for free in something that is not important for your audience, common people does not care about image quality so much and you know this

    hate vimeo and youtube so much because the image compression is not enough to show the gh2 image quality and dream of a theater presentation where you will be the glorious director, but then BUM, firmware upgrade is done and you listen the camera noise and go back to reality, your work office/room is your cave.

    to do fisical exercices and become strong as rambo, it is possible to burn 2500 kilo calories in the firmware upgrade time

    write 10 chapters for a web series, firmware upgrade is so long time while you wait, enough time to write scripts and you will die before shoot all you had written

    do the turn round around the world in a ballon, for people who develop patches the firmware upgrade takes long time, more than 80 days, maybe you will have enough time to learn to speak other languages also

    grab a snack, better, buy all the supermarket itens and it will not be enough

    eat an apple and an orange in an attempt to be healty for 3 minutes and 30 seconds

    talk by phone to all your ex girlfriends asking for company for firmware upgrade waiting, or trying to understand why things got wrong, just like the high fidelity movie

    than you perceive that all your ex girlfriends ara already in a new relationship with a guy who does not care for image quality.

    you feel the most alone person in the world, sometimes talking to yourself, sometimes talking to the camera. you look at the walls, you look to your lenses, but there is no human beings around.

    your wife left you, before the firmware upgrade finish there is enough time for her to meet someone else and get married, there is still time for you watch her new wedding video done with a hacked gh2.

    watch all the movies in the triumph of meaness topic to learn what not to do, maybe you will learn that patch developing is something not to do, there are some geek nerds around there to do it for you for free. do not feel upset asking yourself why this movie is in triumph of meaness just because you like the movie and do not have enough courage to say.

    feel like an idiot improving and old camera already obsolet

    prepare your curriculum vitae to send to all camera factory saying you are the best h264 expert

    why I just have one original battery?

    charging the only one original battery is when you get sick, you just dont know what to do. you walk in circle same way the animated cartoons characters does when waiting the pregnant wife to do the parturition of the new the baby in the hospital

    death charts turns into a mental labirint that you try to escape in a nightmare, just for 3 minutes and 30 seconds...

    deat charts movie keep zooming in and out in front of you in your mind all the time, you feel crazy

    you just perceive that you cannot do anything instead of keep looking into the camera lcd, you try to read, you try to play your classic guitar, you try to talk to wife and children, but your mind is hacked

    you feel like a hero but than you perceive you cannot fly, this is a camera, not a jet, and you cannot fly yourself like superman, you are a common nerd

    firmware upgrade is enough time to listen vivaldi four seasons until you know how to write all the partiture notes for all instruments

    listen all the 100 top best rock and roll of all times musics to put stress away and the firmware upgrade did not finish yet

    the green bar is green because green is a color that makes you wait without explode your brain.

    why am I not making money? 3 minutes and 30 seconds of firmware upgrade is so long that you could do a million selling sandwiches

    you keep thinking how many times this camera can handle a firmware upgrade before get completely locked down

    you feel good in a similar way that a kitchen worker feels when find the correct amount of salt grains to put in the food.

    why I just have one original battery

    you are a budist and the firmware upgrade time is the best thing in the world, time to meditation, to listen indian music and feel the universe energy surrounding you, you feel in heaven.

    then you see the beautiful image in the screen and you feel good and forget every firmware upgrade...

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  • Excellent!! And I'd add: you alternately pace around the house aimlessly, and then sit motionless while you cross your fingers and legs, praying to any deity or inanimate object that might be listening

  • Oh and then all of a sudden there's a malfunction and your camera which didn't need this insignificant maintenance firmware gets bricked - lol.

    What do you do inbetween that? :)

  • Drink more whiskey and beer

  • Lol, excellent post apefos

  • I take several test sample videos of resolution charts and scenes with a lot of color and dynamic range. That way I can have concrete evidence of how much real world improvement the firmware adds instead of just guessing. Once you update you can't go back and shoot the footage will the original firmware. That is the most productive thing I could think of doing with my time while I wait.

  • Is there any rumor or knowledge of a FZ1000 firmware upgrade to 24p in this announcement?

  • Arran. It's enough for a firmware update.

  • The two announcements to follow today here on 43rumors are:

    1) Olympus at 9:00 (German time) which is 0:00 in San Franciso, 03:00 in NYC and 17:00 in Tokyo

    2) Panasonic at 14:00 (German time) which is 5:00 in San Franciso, 08:00 in NYC and 22:00 in Tokyo

  • news? news? news?

    nope? back to meditation then...

  • Not looking like much in the way of LOG profiles or much else really. the 4K photo thing could be interesting for anamorphic users. Not available until October.

  • This is a Bluffffff!!!

  • @brianl FZ1000 has 24p 4k now! Glad they realized that wasn't much of a factor in deciding between it and GH4.

    GH4 update on the other hand... Disappointing. Hoped for some of the wilder rumors but expected a fix to the external output to Atomos at least. Yes the "improved connectivity to external equipment" may be just that, but we'll see.

  • your ex-wife now has a new baby with her new husband. the baby is a girl. she decided to call the new baby girl Alexa.

    why I just have one original battery?

    All your ex-girl friends are on holiday vacation with the new boyfriends, caribe, thailand... you are in your cave.

    Some of them does not answer your phone calls anymore... they just does not want to listen your whining.

    suddenly you see one of them in pornhub in an ex-gf site, and in the boring interview which introduces her first time on camera she says: i loved a guy, but he was a f*cking nerd, I finished dating, we broke up, I perceived that it was dificult for me to love somebody else... so I had three options: become a drug addicted, commit suicide or get into the porn industry...

    and you feel scared: my fault! you just dont know what to do, do I save her? or I just masturbate? or maybe I masturbate first, and then I go to save her...

    no, no, I can't bear/stand/endure the reality! I need to alienate myself, time to read all photokina news, this is the only thing that makes me feel calm... best thing to do now after reloading rumors page 10 times a minute... this way I can forget the world and myself...

    firmware update still ongoing...

  • It is NOT topic to discuss GH4 and FZ1000 updates. Note it.

  • Spizz everywhere...

    your exgf got spizz in her first time on camera, you got spizz on your creaking chair, just your gh2 did not get spizz yet... ongoing...

    you feel sad, due to what you saw, due to what you did, due to the ongoing green bar... but finnaly this makes something to happen: you get up, your knees pop, you go out and left the camera alone, ongoing...

    now you are who is ongoing... you are on a flying jet in the way to save your ex-gf from the porn industry... there is still time for this... she did not meet mandingo yet... so there are chances for she still love you.

    your dreams arre coming true, you are flying like a hero, you feel yourself a hero, you are turning around the world, not on a ballon, but at least you are in the sky... outside your cave

    in the fly you do intense psicologic analisys of your life, you do yoga, you talk to yourself, and finally you talk to someone else, even being a stranger, you ask: do you think the firmware upgrade is already finished? will it be finished when I come back? will I come back alone or will I save her? does she still love me or hate me? no, no, let me stop thinking... I am a budist... time for meditation...

    -stewardess, where are you??? bring me a whiskey and a beer...

    oh my good, at least P-V donations are cheap and there was enough money left for me to buy this flying ticket... why I just have only one original battery?... and only one gh2, how can I record this journey?... no, no I will not record it with my hdr video smarth phone, I just hate the camera factories to put this feature on a phone and not on a camera...

    air-hostess, change this music... please... vivaldi no more... and what about my whikey? bring me it now!!! please...

  • then you arrive in the porn studio. you listen your ex-gf screaming... oh god I am late! - you say. the security guys does not let you go inside. you sit down in the street and cry... then after some time you see her smoking a cigarrete near the door... you approach, she feels scared when she see you... and then you listen to her screaming just as anakin skywalker did: I HATE YOU! the security guys come again, mandingo is with them. you feel destroied and think: oh god, this guy is bigger than the ongoing green bar, I prefer to meet death vader in person with a death chart in his hands!

    you run away and put yourself in the first fly back... (not fallback, flyback, like the old crt tv set)

    when you arrive home you have a surprise: your ex-wife is there, she went back home: what are you doing here? who is this baby? you ask.

    I broke up with my new husband, now ex-new-husband. he bought an used GH2... I prefer to be here because you are in the end of hacking, he is just in the beginning... this is Alexa, my child, and now your child also.

    and then now you have something to do... to take care of your bastard Alexa while you wait the firmware upgrade ongoing, cleaning her RAW dirty pants.

    no more fallback in your creaking chair


  • @apefos This is great stuff here!

  • haha made me laugh even though I'm gloomy.

  • thanks guys, I read your comments and I became willing to read the text again. I laughed about it and about myself, it seems it would be good idea to focus on writing a little more... to be honest I never believed I could write something really good.